Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So much to post, so little space...

Mickey thanks one and all for the concern and well-wishes over his tooth issues. His ability to use his front teeth has improved a little each day, so he's almost back to normal now. He still has a little trouble with larger pieces, so I have been shredding his greens and putting them in a bowl for him. I still plan on making an appointment with his regular vet once she is back from her vacation, but I've decided to postpone calling until after New Year's.

His Majesty lounging on (and off) his throne

Christmas was lovely, but of course very busy. Mickey got absolutely spoiled rotten by Santa Paws, but being the uber-persnickety bun that he is, he turned up his nose at much of it. The new toss-toys got barely a sniff, the dried dandelion blossoms have been untouched, and the Bunspace Christmas "stocking" (a paper bag full of bunny goodies) wasn't even opened, despite containing many of the treats he loves such as dried apple rings and hay cookies. I finally opened the stocking myself last night and gave him one of the apple rings. It was gnawed a bit this morning, but may have been a bit too much for the front teeth to handle, so I shredded it and added it to his pellet mix.

Having a bit of a lounge in the living room

He still hasn't quite figured out that it's currently okay to go into the living room, although I didn't have to noodge him there the last time he was out. The boy was in there with us the last time, having heard about Mickey's leaps into the recliner and wanting to see one for himself. Mick was not thrilled at having his nemesis in his new space, but an unexpected five-minute-long tummy rub from the boy cheered him up to the point where he was willing to oblige with another leap into the recliner. It was not as spectacular a leap as the first two--he barely made it onto the seat--but it was enough to impress and amuse my son.

A bit of exploring

Surprisingly, he was more interested in snuggling with me that night than in playtime. After about an hour and a half, he began noodging at me until I finally picked him up, which earned me a long face-licking and lots of tooth-purring. The tooth-purring in particular has picked up considerably as of late; he will chatter happily in my ear for quite some time when I am holding him, which makes me wonder if perhaps there has been a silver lining in this tooth-filing cloud.

Taken just before another flop and nap session

I received some lovely Christmas presents as well, but pics of those will have to wait until next time. Can't wait to share them, though, so expect another post very soon. :)


The Fab Furs said...

We're glad Mickey and family had a good Xmas. It sounds like he was glad to be away from the vet and that, in combination with the presence of his nemesis, may have made him more snuggly than usual (or else he was possessed of the Xmas spirit).

d. moll, said...

Mr. Mick has had the opportunity to count his blessings and it would appear that you are one of them, to hell with apple rings give me my mum!

Michelle May said...

Thank goodness he is doing ok! Dag, what is it with bunny vets lately? Crazy I tell ya!
As long as it all turns out ok though we're good. We will continue to think happy good thoughts. :)
xx, shell

Clovie Boy said...

I feel for you and Mickey! Clovis and I have had a few bad vet/tooth experiences and it's not fun. Poor little animals. Glad he's doing better.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Glad that Mickey is doing better, bunny tooth problems are terrible I know! I'm sure he'll be more interested in his Christmas treats when he's fully recovered!

Lisa said...

So glad your sweet boy is feeling better. Tummy Rub?!? I've never heard of a bunny even tolerating a Tummy Rub!!! That Mickey sure is special. And loves his Momma :)

Rabbits' Guy said...

That is one floppy bunny. I bet the treats will gradually be found and devoured - although maybe Mick is a hoarder - or a Mormon!