Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mr. Mick's Musings

Hey there, Mickey here. I told Mum that I wanted to do the post for Easter Bunday, and she said that was fine with her.

First off, I want to mention some bunny-blog friends who have recently passed from this world. A fond farewell to my friends Ginny, Freckles and Sugie ; we were never pair-bonded on this earth, but we are bonded in spirit, and I know that you will be there to guide my way when it is my turn to make that journey. Mum and I send lots of love to you and your families.

Next, I want to thank everyone for spreading the word that live rabbits do not make good Easter gifts, but do make wonderful pets for the right people who do the research and learn how to be respectful and loyal bunny-slaves.

On the homefront, I recently had my first outdoor exercise session of the year. We had some warm weather last week, so Mum set up my exercise pen. Here's a couple of videos she shot for the occasion:

Mum says her voice sounds funny because she was still getting over that virus she had. I say it's because she's telling stories about me and the grass--I knew darn well it was edible before, it just wasn't as tasty as this year's grass.

What she should have mentioned is that there were all these nasty birds making noise while we were outside! I kept thumping at them to tell them to shut up, but they just kept on squawking and squawking. Mum was worried that the birds were scaring me, but I wasn't scared, I was ticked off! Stupid birds. Mum said she'd never seen me thump so much in my life. I say those birds had better watch their beaks next time I'm out there.

On another topic, what is it with you people and your litterboxes? I don't care if you watch me when I'm using mine, so why can't I watch you when you're using yours?! The Big Guy just had a fit when I went into the bathroom to say hi and see what he was doing; he made Mum shoo me out! How rude! I should have humped his foot while I was in there.

Uh-oh, Mum's coming at me with that look in her eyes. She's been plucking at my fur a lot lately. She says it's because I'm shedding and she can't stand to see all the little sticking-out bits of fur. I think she just wants my fur for something. Doesn't she get enough of it when she grooms me?

Here she comes--I'm out of here. Happy Easter, everybun, and don't forget to email me--especially if you're a cute and single ladybun.

Nose bonks,


Crafty Green Poet said...

Happy Easter Mickey! You shouldn't be so angry with the birds though....

I couldn't watch the videos for some reason....

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Happy Easter Mick! Thanks so much for the hugs. We really appreciate it.
I think the birds were so loud because they were all fighting over who was going to get some of your fur for their nests. They were hoping mom would pluck lots out and leave it on the ground for them. Nothing like a soft nest of bunny fur! :)
I'm still laughing over the humping of the big guy's foot! Haaaaaaa! That cracked me up. Have a wonderful day sweet boy. Kisses from Auntie Shell and nose bonks from cousin Harrington.

Paula said...

Happiness is a molting bunneh, for the vacuum cleaner anyway. Hoppy Easter to you from Keating and myselves!

Jade said...

CGP: Here's direct links to the videos if you can't see them:

Not sure why you weren't able to; hopefully, it was something temporary. Happy Easter!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Boy Mick! That fresh air sure gets you wound up! Glad you could get out! Birds cause thumping here too. Doopid birds ...

d. moll, said...

Now then Mick we are so glad that your mum let you do a post, but, now be truthful, can we really call that an exercise session? Love you, eat that grass :)

Lorna said...

You look quite gurfunkled in that top picture. Obviously she doesn't pet you enough. How dare humans only put 24 hours in a day?!

Mickey said...

Auntie Shell: The birds will have to get their own fur, they're not getting any more from me.

Paula: Hoppy Easter to you and Keating!

RG: It was great weather--not too chilly, but not super-warm. Wish we had more of it.

d. moll: For me, that WAS exercise. I save my energy for living room runs, sneaking into bedrooms and my hyper-cute powers.

Lorna: See, this is why we need to get you adopted--what rabbit wouldn't want a well-trained human like you?
I blame Mum for the less-than-cheerful look on my face in that pic; I was trying to have a nice flop and she kept trying to take pictures of me.

Karen M said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts, Mickey. As for the thumping, I'm pretty sure I felt that way over in Pittsburgh. Those birds better watch out!