Monday, June 20, 2011

Hoppy Birthday, Mr. Mick!

Today is Mickey's 4th birthday, and we've already been doing some celebrating. He got his birthday present a few days early: a new throne. Two, actually, since I wasn't sure which style he would like. We're not tossing out his old throne because he still loves it (I actually caught him grooming it last night while he was out and about) but now when one throne is being washed, he has another one to lounge on instead of having to settle for an old towel or sheet.

As it turned out, it's a good thing I did buy two, because Throne #1 got rejected the very first time I offered it to him. I think it's because the sides are much higher than those on his regular throne; I thought that might be a plus so he would feel more secure, but apparently that is not the case. It's now sitting in my dining room on the off-chance that he might want to use it to relax on when he's out.

Last night, I sprinkled a few shredded carrots inside to see if I could tempt him to give it another try:

"Ooooh, what's this? Carrots on a cushion? What a novel idea...nomnomnom..."

" I'm supposed to eat the carrots while sitting on the cushion? Don't be absurd; anybun can tell that this is clearly a substandard cushion.
It's got a DOG BONE in the middle, for cryin' out loud!"

"The carrots were quite tasty, though--got any more?
Ooh, there's my treat toy--did you fill that up for me?"

Yes, his Rabbit IQ toy was filled with more shredded carrots as a birthday treat. You might remember this video:

I would have taken a more recent picture, but the boy came out and started playing "cover the treats as fast as Mick can uncover them", a game which His Majesty found surprisingly entertaining. He started flipping those covers so fast that the boy could barely keep up, and got so excited that the boy stopped playing because he thought he was upsetting Mick. Tired him out was more like it; I scooped up Mick for a calming snuggle and he relaxed against me immediately. A half-hour snuggle and he was ready to bop around again, so I set him down.
After a while, all the exertion caught up to the birthday bun... it was back to his cage and the comfort of New Throne #2, which was far more to Mr. Mick's liking:

Throne #2 is just as plushy-soft as his original throne, but is larger and has no sides. You can just see the corner of the original in the lower left corner.

"Oh yes, this will do...mmmmm...zzzzzzzzz"

A belly full of shredded carrots and a nice cozy bed to sleep in, what more could a bunny want?


The human said...

Big birthday wishes and ear tweaks from all of us!
Bella, Buttons and Lisa

Annette F Tait said...

happy birthday big boy :)
or, should that be Sir? or Your Majesty :)
very very lovely presents! even the 'bone' in the centre! ha ha!

The Fab Furs said...

Congratulations on the 4.0 milestone, Mr. Mick!

It sounds like you have already had a wonderful celebration with lots of presents, treats, and party games.

Crazy Dog Blog said...

Happy birthday Mick!

Where did you get that toy from? It's brilliant!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Happy birthday sweet boy! So funny about your thrown with the dog bone! LOL! Wishing you many more wonderful binky years with your family that loves you so!
xx, auntie shell, harrington and hannah

Hef's Mom said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Mick! I didn't know Hef and Mr. Mick where so close in age, Hef will be four next month!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Wow. What a day. Rest good Mr. Mick.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Happy Birthday Mickey, looked like you had a lot of fun!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Handsome Boy!!! Glad to see you partied like a rockstar on your birthday, and that the Boy was nice to you. The reject bed looks like a nice bed to me! Too bad my little monsters pee on anything soft ;)

Lisa said...

PS. I thought Mickey was a rescue?

Lavender Rabbit said...

Happy Birthday Mickey!! You deserve every treat!

SixBunnies said...

Happy Birthday, Mick! You look wonderful! I approve of the throne with no sides, as it will be easier for Mom to make sure you are breathing when you flop out all comfy like that! Love!

Karen M said...

Happy Birthday, Mickey, and many, many more happy years!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday Mick!