Monday, January 16, 2012

Flinging in the New Year

Another New Year is starting to go flying by--we're halfway into January already!

We had a fairly quiet New Year's; spent it at home drinking sparkling apple-cranberry juice and watching the ball drop on TV. Mick had his own way of celebrating:

(This was recorded on my cell phone--the "incoming transmission" 
was my sister texting me Happy New Year)

The Christmas tree was taken down last week--a very painful process, as Douglas fir needles turn into cactus spikes when they start to dry out. (I will be assisting hubby in the process of picking the tree next Christmas--he brings home beautiful trees, but they are not always decorator-friendly.)
Mr. Mick has his space back now, and I have brought back a few items that had been previously stored away:

His cardboard tunnel (seen on the left) and his basket of toys (none of which have interested him so far)


His FAVORITEST toy of all:

His Bunny IQ treat-hiding toy (which you may remember from here and here).

This is now how we usually find Mick these days:

...patiently waiting for his toy to be filled with Banana Bites and Pumpkin Bites so he can pull off the lids and get his treats.

"Do you notice there's something missing here, Mum? Hmmm?"

I try to mix things up--put a treat in only one space, put the lids on with no treats inside, move the toy to other locations. His Majesty does not appreciate my efforts.

"Do that again and I will poop in your slippers."

Somebunny does not like variety in his routine--unless it means more treats instead of less. 


bunnits said...

That Mr. Mick really knows how to celebrate!

Our buns were glad to see our tree go, too, because that is also their space.

d. moll, said...

love the flinging!!! ha, ha, the bunny IQ toy doesn't seem to make Mr. Mick's servants smarter, they still can't count to two

SixBunnies said...

Oh my! That toy is not testing Mick's IQ ... It's testing yours! He has you trained to put treats in it when he gets them out! How funny! :) He is so handsome!

Jade said...

Bunnits: Mr. Mick is one party animal for sure. :)

d. moll: We can count to two, it's the multiplying (of treats) we're trying to avoid. :)

SixBuns: He has us very well-trained, for sure. It's gotten him way more treats than it used to. :)

Karen M said...

What a great shot of Micks tail to end the video! You really couldn't get any more personality into that little ball of fur, could you?

Weasley has mixed feelings about the tree being gone. He misses grazing, but at least he can get closer to the heater.

Rabbits' Guy said...

How can you DARE to not load that thing? Isn't that Mick-abuse or something like that?

Crafty Green Poet said...

Adorable photos of Mr Mick. Bunnies always want more treats, and I agree with SixBunnies, Mick is testing your IQ!

Anonymous said...

You tell 'em Mick!

Lisa said...

HAH! Well I guess you'd better go fill up the Bun IQ... fast!

Fairy Castle Farm said...

Cool! Go Mr Mick!! Happy New year, and so glad I finally got to catch up on my dose of Mr Mick and all things Zen. I especially love your 'wearable' Mick jewellery - gorgeous :O) take care , Yollie xox

masterofboots said...

spotted a thoroughly good idea - tissue paper box stuffed full of hay. Shall go give my buns such a toy.

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Mick is such a handsome bun...reminds me of my Patches (gone, but not forgotten).
Thanks again Jade for your support of Heartland and your purchase from Mystique Boutique. Much appreciated!
Take Care,

Christina said...

Mr.Mick looks so handsome as usual. I love the hide the treat toys and I got a big giggle when he tossed the toy over his back.

Donna Nowicki French said...

That is so funny. He is so cute.

Annette F Tait said...

wow! Wesley will be getting one of those very, very soooooon :)

glad Mr Mick likes routine, and 2 treats per session - I shall take serious note so we have no disapproving bun here!