Saturday, April 7, 2012

More Assorted Stuff

Mr. Mick got a chance to star in a blog other than ours recently. The reporter who wrote about February's Rabbit Rally at Petco wrote about him in her blog as well--and included some of the pictures she took, so His Majesty the Miffed is feeling much better.

"All I ask is for the spotlight I am due as an internet superstar,
is that so very wrong?"

Things have been pretty quiet here, mainly because I have been very busy putting stuff off as long as possible. (Hey, The Queen of Procrastination has to defend her title once in a while.) I managed to get our taxes filed, although I still need to do the quarterly payroll taxes. I finished one of the baby blankets on my list and started another for the same recipient, but I want to finish the throw I'm making for friends before I go back to that. I actually still have one Christmas decoration still on display that I need to put back before Christmas comes around again, but I'm planning on doing that as soon as I get this posted. 

"Hmph...just lazy if you ask me.
Honestly, I don't know where she gets it..."

(WARNING: Icky poop talk ahead!)

Mr. Mick has been having some digestion problems recently. To put it impolitely, he's been having diarrhea during his out-and-about sessions. I've ruled out his treats because they've never caused it before, even when he's eaten more than his share. I ruled out his thrones because it only happens when he's outside of his cage. He's chewed on the baby gate that keeps him from the living room, but it's never caused him this kind of problem. The only other possible culprit is his cat tunnel, which up until last night was parked next to his hidey-hole box. Possible scenario: while lounging in his box, somebunny decides to chew or lick the fuzzy interior of the tunnel--and ends up ingesting some of it. I moved the box to another spot and replaced it with his cardboard tunnel, since Mick will only run through the tunnels instead of lounge in them. If I have to, I'll put the cardboard tunnel where the cat tunnel is (cat tunnel doubles as cord-blocker) and find a way to cover the fuzzy lining of the cat tunnel, but there were no problems last night, so I'm hoping things are fixed. I'm also offering some more acceptable things for him to nibble on:

"She calls this acceptable?! Please. 
Now, perhaps if there were banana or apple chips..."

 Mick and I want to wish everyone and everybun a Happy Easter and a Joyous Passover--and may all your Easter bunnies be chocolate ones! 

"Hmmmm...I think I'll leave the boy a nice Easter present.
Now which pair of his shoes should I poop in?"


Paula said...

I am not experienced enough to comment on his health problem but I'll be interested to know what the cause was. Anyhoodles, it's always a good day when there are multiple images of Majesty and we look forward to the next crop!

Michelle May said...

Mick you are such a star! Congratulations boy! Glad your butt is doing better. I bet it was the fuzzy stuff. Harrington get's that too when he decides the carpet looks tasty! Naughty bunnies!
Happy Easter sweet nephew. Hugs to your mama too!
Auntie Shell

Chatty Crone said...

I just got in town and wanted to wish you a Blessed Easter. sandie

Clovie Boy said...

Happy Easter to you and Mick! I sure hope you got this little issue solved. Once we switched over to the Oxbow pellets things have sure been good here. I cut back on the fruit too.

bunnits said...

What an impressive bun you are, Mr. Mick. Glad you got the spotlight you deserve.

Christina said...

Hope you and Mr. Mick and your whole family have a wonderful Easter!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Congratulations Mr Mickey on getting the attention you deserve! Hope your digestive problems sort themselves out soon.

Happy Easter!

speedyrabbit said...

Happy Easter Mr Mick and Jade,glad you tummy is better but if you don't want the Parsley I'll have it i love the stuff yum yum yum!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Happy Easter to you and Mick, also! He's such an adorable guy. Even when he is grumpy :)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Mickey gets the big time! Yay!!

There is always a bunny here with a "problem" - there must be no end to causes. We never know.

Lisa said...

Happy Easter!! hope Mickey is feeling much better, and I hope Jade got caught up!

Karen M said...

Hey, Mick! I hope you are feeling better! Did the Boy appreciate your gift? My Mom wouldn't put my gifts for the girls into the boxes that she sent them. Guess she's a slacker, too.
Your bud,

Anonymous said...


Oh Mickey you're so fine...

Annette F Tait said...

goodness me - time flies when i forget about my blog and my duties!! glad Mr Mick is better now.
Wesley has eaten nearly all of his treats that I made, so I have to cook up another batch and make up a certain special throne for a certain special Mr .... my, my doesn't time just fly!! better get busy
ps LOVED all your posts - read them all and we were wondering why Mick wasn't in the papers either! journalists eh?!