Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Story of Peter the Purple Rabbit

Every year on the first Saturday in August, the church in Mt. Washington, MA holds an annual fair to raise funds--it's a sweet and simple affair, a combination white elephant (aka tag sale)/baked goods/used clothing/crafts sale with games for the kids, all kinds of wonderful homemade refreshments, and a variety of raffles to close it out, with the big draw being the annual handmade quilt that gets raffled off each year. The quilts are absolute masterpieces, and I wish I had thought to take a picture of this year's quilt because it was spectacular (I did a Google search and found a picture of the 2010 quilt, though).

My mom and I go to this fair pretty much every year to check out what's for sale, see friends and family, eat some of the best blueberry pie ever and hope to win at least one of the raffles. As I am already far too close to being a candidate for the "Hoarders" TV show, I try not to buy too many things unless I either really need them or I just cannot resist them, but this dapper fellow was indeed irresistible:

He stands about a foot high; a purple-flocked piggy bank in the shape of a rabbit, decorated with a sweet bowtie. Even though I collect bunnies AND piggy banks, I might have been able to resist the purchase were it not for the notes attached to him. First, there's the large note around his belly:

In case you cannot read it from the picture, it reads as follows:
Peter the Purple Rabbit
This very special purple rabbit
tripped over a rock in the forest
and needed stitches around his ear.
He can still hold all your pennies and such
through a slot on his back.
But he would appreciate 
your not squeezing his ears--
especially his right one.
He does love soft kisses on his nose.
He knows whoever wants him 
will take very good care of him.

Looped around his right ear is this:

HOW do you not fall in love with that?!

Seriously, I about died. 

Here is a pic of the damage on the ear: 

Basically, the only way you'd know that it was broken in any way is by the faint glue stains, and they are hardly noticeable enough to warrant even mentioning--after all, it's just a $3 piggy bank. The little notes are really what transformed it into something precious. Now that's what I call salesmanship!

I also bought this cute sandstone/resin piece as well:

(taken with flash so you can see the color)

(taken without flash so you can see the detail)

It was originally part of a 3-piece set, but I didn't want the other two pieces (and they could sell just as well as stand-alone pieces), so I just paid what they asked for the set ($2) for the one piece. Now I just have to figure out where I can display it; it's got an indentation on the back so it can be hung on a wall, but it's pretty solid and can just as easily be placed on a table or shelf. 

As for Peter the Purple Rabbit,  will be making his new home on my computer desk, where he will never again have to worry about ear damage. His notes will remain with him so everyone can read his story, and perhaps I will write one of my own to go with it. 


Clovie Boy said...

Good finds!

Friend of the Animals said...
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Friend of the Animals said...

What great finds! Yes, the note makes the purple bunny even more special. What a fun day.

speedyrabbit said...

I'm having an emotional day I keep reading post that give me the sniffels,very sweet find Jade*sniff*Speedy's mum

Crafty Green Poet said...

Great finds! Peter Rabbit is adorable! The sandstone piece is beautiful!

Hef's Mom said...

Oh, that is just darling!

Christina said...

These are great. I would have taken the purple guy home too and the the detail in the sandstone is so pretty.

brandi b said...

Precious little bunnybank! I collect bunny things and I found a resin Hare statue and he is holding a basket. His ears were broken and they are just kinda on there, no glue. Had to bring him home. My collection is not about what is valuable, or what will be valuable someday, but what speaks to me. Your bunny bank is perfect BECAUSE of his little flaw!

Michelle May said...

Ok...that is just so totally cute! Salesmanship indeed!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Quilts on display are always a knock-out to me!

Iam studying Social Marketing (I have an assignement to teach a class soon. The approach to marketing the rabbit was priceless. An absolute win-win for everything (and everybody) involved and even for us bystanders!

SixBunnies said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels sorry for bunny things that have broken pieces... I have a few things I bought at the consignment shop, just because they had bunnies on them and I didn't want them to feel unloved .... I'm insane ... completely ... But I so would have gotten purple bunny TOO! Glad he has a new home! And... if there are a few bunny things ... I can't leave just one there alone... I have to either take them all or leave some for company ... I also have rabbits around the house in at least pairs so they won't be lonely ... Do not send the crazy trailer over here to collect me ...

The human said...

Love it! I can imagine bringing home such a broken, stuck back together with love bunny and my husband raising his eyebrows ^^ but how could you resist?!!!

bunnits said...

What neat finds!

Paula said...

I think you have the "rescue" gene on every level. Purple Rabbit has found a furever home.

Lalis said...

This is perhaps going to sound crazy, but, I am absolutely in love with this purple bunny.

I have the worst insomnia ever so once I asked my boyfriend dear to tell me a story and help me go to sleep. Somehow he came up with purple bunnies going in some sort of adventure. Now it's an ongoing thing... I'll ask for a purple bunny story and he'll come up with a short and sweet story about purple bunnies doing bunny stuff. (My favorite so far has been bunnies on the moon... that's why there are craters... because they are digging and digging away)

Anyway, here it is, one real purple bunny with a real story! Can't tell you how happy it has made me tonight :)

RoadBunner said...

Very cool finds. And the purple bunny story was super precious. Glad he found a good home with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jade, I just popped over from a visit to Bunnyville and then Karen's blog and had to come over here (which I am so glad I did) for a quick hello. You see, I live in New Hampshire so I was quite tickled to find two kindred spirits living so close to me! Everyone seem to live out west... sheesh, what is that all about?! I loved your purple bunny story and can't wait to read your own stories about the adventures of your purple bunny! LOL! Well, like I said, I just had to pop over to say Hi, and I'll be back for visits now and again...
Hugs and enjoy your weekend!
Beth P
Harrisville, NH