Friday, March 8, 2013

The Petco Post

Hey all, Mickey here.

No, you haven't interrupted me in the middle of me doing anything, this is a picture of me at the local Petco in my unofficial duty as unofficial House Rabbit Connection spokesbun, helping to educate people about rabbits and get some of my fellow buns adopted. Mum and I and our friend Amy were there; they talked to the people and I got petted and fed treats and told how adorable I am. It's a tough job, but somebunny's gotta do it, right?

Here I am with Mum at our little table. Mum made the posters, which have pictures and descriptions of all the HRC buns looking for furever homes.

One of them has already been adopted since we did the event, and hopefully more will follow.

Of course, a lot of people were hoping *I* was available for adopting--and who wouldn't want to bring me home? I'm a superstar.

This is our friend Amy; she loves me, so I let her hold me for a while. She has a bunch of rabbits and some other animals, though, so I couldn't go home and live with her, either. (Not that I'd want to leave my Mum, y'know, but a bun has to consider his options just in case...)

Yep, it was a really good day. I got petted, got treats galore, got all kinds of love from everybody--even the Petco staff came over to say hi and scratch me behind the ears. They're good people, I like them. Mum says maybe we can do this again later in the year as well, so we can get the good word out about rabbits to even more people. I told her as long as I get paid in treats, I'm there.

Now, I have to go and supervise Mum--she's making me some extra hay cookies to make up for the fact that she's abandoning me for a week and a half in order to spend time with The Big Guy and The Boy in that Florida place they like to go to. Sure, I have my Alternate Slave coming to tend to my needs, but it's not exactly the same as traveling to warm places and lounging by the pool and watching baseball, is it? *sigh* I suppose I have to let her go have some fun once in a while--after all, she doesn't get to travel via closet-hopping like I do, she's always stuck at home.

Hmmmm, that reminds me...while she's gone, I can go visit my friends when Alternate Slave isn't around--and there's a certain foo' gerbil that needs to be taught not to insult his rabbit superiors. I think it's time Mr. Freddie learned the story of Little Bunny Foo Foo...the REAL version:

*clears throat, sings*

Little Rabbit Mick-Mick
Hopping through the closet
Scooping up foo' gerbil 
And BOPPING him on the head!

*turns and hops away, mumbling under his breath*

"old as Mickey's breath", my fuzzy butt...


Crafty Green Poet said...

sounds like you had a fun and worthwhile day Mickey and you certainly make a very handsome bunny representative

speedyrabbit said...

Hey Mickey,Freddie can't help it you know he is only small with a small attention span so don't bop him to hard,Auntie Lorna wouldn't like it and he is useful to have around for sneaking extra treats for us as nobody takes to much notice of him as he is good at hiding.well done though that was a great job you did with your mum,xx Your pal Speedy

Annette F Tait said...

omg! so adorable! so cute!! Jade he is such a darling, and Wes was really interested in the part about lots of pets and lots of treats! ha ha, looks like a great day and super to hear that a bun has gone to their furever home!

Karen M said...

Hey, Mick! You and your Mom look cute together. It's a good thing you are doing there, educating people about us Buns. Please don't bop Freddie on the head. He has sunflower seeds.

Lalis said...

Awesome!!! I'll have to look into the House Rabbit connection.

d. moll, said...

well done Mick <3

bunnits said...

What a great day, Mr. Mick and Mum. Keep up the good work. The more we can educate people about house buns the better things will be.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Are you inciting bunny partying again Mickey????

RoadBunner said...

Awesome job, Mr. Mick!! What a great spokesbun. And there are some adorable cuties looking for homes. Fingers and paws crossed they find them very soon. Have a great trip!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Well my sweet boy. I can't believe your Auntie Shell is just now catching up on this post. I think you did a most wonderful job. I loved seeing photos of you and your Mum.
Love you both to bits!

Christina said...

You did a great job Mick and yes indeed, I find you irresistble