Thursday, February 25, 2010

Welcome and an Introduction

Hi there! I am Jade and this is Mickey:

(Mickey says he's not fat, he's fluffy.)

Mickey is my current rabbit; he is an almost 3-year-old mini-lop (at least as far as we know, since he's too big to be a Holland lop and his ears are too small for him to be a French or English lop) that I adopted from the Berkshire Humane Society on May 1, 2008. You'll be hearing a lot about him here.

I have owned rabbits on a regular basis for about 20 years, give or take. As those of you reading this who own rabbits know, they are far more than just cute and loveable balls of fur bouncing around. They can be willful, persistent, loyal, irresistable, demanding, loving and tempermental as all-get-out. This blog is my outlet for expressing my appreciation of and exasperation with them. There will be photos, videos, and stories of my experiences with them.

My obsession does not end there--I am also a collector of almost anything rabbit-oriented. I have glass rabbits, stone rabbits, needlepoint rabbits, stuffed rabbits, rabbit jewelry, rabbit get the picture. I will also be displaying some of my collection in here. If anything, it will probably cement my reputation as the craziest bunny lady out there. Enjoy!


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Alice said...

oh miss jade i'm going to have to mud wrestle you for the craziest bunny lady out there! very excited to have you join the bunny bloggers!! xop

Crafty Green Poet said...

good luck with your blog! I love rabbits!