Friday, February 26, 2010

When Wabbits Attack (or "I just want a little love--is that so wrong?")

I posted this on my Facebook account a while back; this is a video I took with my old cell phone of my 18-year-old son (heretofore referred to as "the boy" because he would be mortified to see his name in a blog about rabbits) with Mickey about a year or so ago.

The boy and Mickey have a love/tolerate relationship--my son likes to play with Mickey on occasion and will pet him and give him treats when he's in the mood to do so, and, while Mickey enjoys the petting and treats, he will also attempt to chin everything within reach the boy owns to let him know who's boss***. Back then, though, he had only been with us a few months and just couldn't understand why this person wasn't showing him all the love and affection he deserved. (He also seemed to have a thing for fresh-out-of-the-shower feet.) Even now, if you don't pet him as soon as he hops over to you, he will assume you don't see him and will rise up and paw at your leg to get you to notice him. If that fails, he will tug at your pants leg. Unfortunately, the boy wasn't wearing pants. 

***Note for non-rabbit-owning people: chinning is when a rabbit rubs its chin on something or someone in order to mark it using the scent glands located under its chin. You may see cats do the same thing. It's a sign of ownership of said item or person.


Anonymous said...

>>will rise up and paw at your leg to get you to notice him<<

I was sitting in the bathroom, wet and covered with rabbit poowater after giving Arthur a buttbath he didn't want. He did the same thing to me, to make sure I still loved him. I rubbed his nose, and all was good (apart from the poop on my clothes).

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if I had to sign up to be able to comment and what not but it looks like I can use my livejournal account! yay! Because I don't know WHAT I would blog about ;)

I love this video... pooooooooor bun being ignored lol

Jade said...

I fixed it so that people can comment using Name/URL if they so choose. Hopefully that will make it easier for everyone (except the trolls and spammers, of course) :)