Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Brought Mickey outside for the second time yesterday afternoon. Didn't get in the pen this time, but sat next to it instead; Mick was a little displeased by this at first, he came over and pawed at the pen side where I was sitting a couple of times, but then he got over it and started bopping around to explore. Lots of bunnydancing and grass-nibbling followed, with bits of lounging in between. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes are starting to make their appearance, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to bring him out again.

In other news, we have a couple of winners in the "What kind of hay will Mickey eat?" contest. In first place, Oxbow Oat Hay--Mickey had shown some interest in it when I first offered it to him, but recently I reintroduced it and he went absolutely NUTS over it, to the point where he actually ate it before he started in on a fresh batch of greens. For Mick to choose hay over greens is unheard of, as is the fact that he will actually lean over and nibble on the oat hay when he's in his litter box, something he's never done before. I may have to break out one of his old hay mangers. I've already ordered more because I'm almost out of it.

Coming in at a very close second is Oxbow Botanical Hay, which is timothy hay with herbs added. Before I reintroduced the oat hay, I was giving him the botanical. He likes it, but not with the enthusiasm he has for the oat hay. A batch of botanical might last a couple of days before he touches it or it might disappear overnight, depending on his mood, whereas the oat hay has been eaten pretty steadily. I've already reordered this hay as well, and I'll probably alternate the two or provide him with both so he doesn't get bored with them, and I'll try sneaking in some of the other hays as well to see if he'll give them a try. Otherwise, they'll be added to the hay that goes in his litter box.

Finally, since I can't seem to post without adding a picture or two, here's a pic of one of my new trinket boxes, purchased on eBay:

And inside:

A little bumblebee, although unlike my other boxes, the bee is part of the box and can't be removed. I'll have pics of the rest of the stuff I bought in a future post, but for now I need to post this and go feed a bunny.

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