Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just a few pics

More outdoor time for Mickey today--I'd been planning to bring him out tomorrow, but since it's supposed to rain, I figured I'd better do it today instead.

Fortunately, my husband hadn't mowed the lawn yet, so somebunny got lots of grass and some fresh dandelions to munch on.

Those are ones I picked for him outside the cage.

I really need to remember to bring out my camera and get him on video the next time he's out (These pics were taken with my cell phone). He was racing around the perimeter of the cage, dancing up a storm and eating grass like mad. It was quite a sight to see,

While I was outside, I took the time to visit Karnage's grave. I usually don't make it that far out back because the mosquitoes are especially fierce back there, but since they're not out yet, I had a chance to take a picture of the garden stone that marks his grave so I could add it to my post about him.

As I mentioned, my mother had given it to me a few years before his passing; it was hand-painted by a friend of the family, and I am so happy to see how well it's held up over the years.


Andrew Hall said...

A wonderful marker, and Karnage is rocking in the squared circle too!

R.I.P Karnage

Jade said...

That's the Mickster in the octagon, although Karnage would have enjoyed a few bouts in there as well. :)

Malcolm Russell said...

Wow - you guys have GRASS! Ours is still hay, just thinking about becoming green.

Jade said...

Yeah, spring seems to actually have sprung here for once. Usually, we get a brief warm spell that tricks everything into blooming--and then a killer frost (or even one last snowfall) that makes it all brown again until mid-May.

Actually, you wouldn't know it from the pics, but our lawn is at least half moss because of the forest that blocks the sun on one side of our house. I always tell people that I live in a terrarium. ;)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Mickey is so like Goldie, and Karnage much like The Princess. We have quite a collection of tributes and markers along our property edge .. and more to come. It's bittersweet having them isn't it.

Jade said...

It certainly is, RG, yet I cannot imagine my life without a bunny in it, even though I know that each one that enters my life will take a little bit of my heart when they leave.