Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Impatient Patient

Well, we went to the vet's this morning, and according to the x-rays, Mickey has what looks like a pretty good-sized hairball clogging up his system. The plan of action right now is Laxatone, Benebac and lots of fluids (mainly pineapple juice and water) with a return visit on Monday for repeat x-rays. The vet recommended continuing with the baby food fruit and veggies via syringe as well in the hopes of pushing all that hair out and keeping him well-hydrated.

The patient is eating, although still not as much as normal, and is as fiesty as ever. He tends to put up some resistance to the syringe going into his mouth, but takes the meds/liquids/food well enough (although he is currently a bit sticky due to fighting the Laxatone a little). He does enjoy the regular tummy massage (LOTS of toothpurrs when I do that) and the perk of getting to watch the big TV in the living room while sitting in either his large litterbox or his "hospital bed" (a cardboard box lined with an old flannel sheet) while receiving his massage. He's been sitting next to me at the computer since we got home because it's easier to have him out than to keep bringing him in and out of his cage, but I just put him back in his cage so he can get some rest and have some parsley.

The patient in his "hospital bed"

The biggest concern right now is if we can't move that hairball out; if it remains too long inside him, it can cause ulcerations in his stomach. Hopefully between meds, massage, fluids, and exercise, we can get it to pass without incident.


Megan said...

awwww... i hope things get better! both mine are molting at the moment and i'm hoping that with lots of hay and papaya tablets that they'll be okay. :)

The Bunns said...

Milk it, Mick! (Then get better ASAP!)

Michelle May said...

Keeping my fingers crossed and sending lots of good wishes your way! Glad they gave you benebac. Get better soon Mickey.
Love and hugs,
Shell and Sugie

The Fab Furs said...

Seems like you're keeping on top of it. Best wishes.

The human said...

Please please please get better Mickey! We're sending our love to you both.

Lisa said...

Mickey, you're lucky you have such a great mommy who dotes on you. You'll be fine, could you just stop scaring your mom please?

And you look SO cute in the "hospital" bed.

Jade, did you ask the vet about the Cheerio's? I had a volunteer once tell me that any bread product, no matter how many grains, is REALLY bad for bunnies esp if they have a history of stasis, because it expands in their tum. But I guess everyone had a different opinion. My policy is, if one source says it's unsafe, even if three others say it's fine, then it's blackballed from my house.