Friday, August 13, 2010


WARNING: The following update includes some discussion of rabbit waste products--we're talking serious bunny poop talk, people. We recommend not reading it on a sensitive stomach or while eating.

After posting about Mickey's digestive woes last night and getting the patient back into his cage, I checked the litterbox and found a three-inch-long string of shiny gelatinous brown beads all strung together with hair; a poop chain. If it had been any longer, I might have had a poop bracelet.

As for the patient, he promptly attacked any and all food waiting for him in his cage and began to chow down. This morning, he was busy flinging his greens dish around and trashing his cage, so I would say that he's feeling better. His cage litterbox wasn't showing a lot of poop, though, so I'll be checking it again later after he's been fed again.

Called the vet, but decided an actual visit wasn't necessary for now. She agreed with my diagnosis of hair blockage, and said to keep doing what I'm doing and bring him in if anything changes.

Plan of action for the weekend is to keep putting stuff in him and make sure stuff is coming out. There will also be extra grooming involved to get as much loose fur off of him as possible so it's not getting inside him.


Rabbits' Guy said...

Whew! Now and again this happens to summ bunn here too. So far, some pineapple juice by syringe and a bit of metacam to relax them/reduce any pain gets good results.

You are a devoted Mom - maybe Mickey just wanted MORE attention!!!!

Lisa said...

Glad Mickey is feeling better. But string of gelatinous poo sounds like cecals? No, maybe it just coated itself to help get it out? If they're cecals, you'd better start spoon feeding that yuckiness!

(all this talk of fur blockage makes me REALLY nervous. Sogna sheds like a beast. Biff been shedding pretty bad lately too. And I can NOT brush them for more than 5 seconds without getting them away. And the full body restraint covers a lot of the surface to be groomed.)

Good luck, Mamma! And Mickey, you be a good boy!

Hef's Mom said...

Good! Sounds like Mickey just need Mama's care.

The Fab Furs said...

Good to hear he's doing better.

Michelle May said...

Oh stomach just tightens when I read about this. Pineapple juice yes...a little fresh papaya him up and down the hallway. I've been told cheerios are a no, but I swear every bun is different. Sugie has mega colon syndrome. Her poop looks like giant peanut MM's. My job description with her is poop examiner. The things we bunny parents do for or beloved fuzzy ones. Keep me posted. Thinking of you. Oh, cisapride is a good med to keep on hand for this. I have it in the fridge for Sugie when needed. It's get's the lower intestines moving.The Metacam is good for the gas pain.