Tuesday, September 28, 2010

For once, a short post

Mickey has expressed great displeasure at not being showcased in the blog lately, so here he is:

He wishes to thank his Auntie Shell for sending him the lovely paper to play with, although he has no idea why she hid it in a package of stuff for me.  ;)


Annette F Tait said...

lovely! I love a bun in construction mode :)
and I saw you bought that beautiful rabbit textile from Shell!!! I had my eyes on that - so good it has a fab home.
I see you agree with my points and after reading here I can see why :)
best wishes,

Jade said...

Yes, you summed up Mr. Mick quite nicely. As they say, wabbits iz the cwaziest cwitters. :)

It's not often I see him in full-on bunstruction mode; he's more inclined to simply toss stuff, but if the stuff refuses to toss properly he is compelled to teach it the error of its ways. ;)

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Good work Mr. Mick. I wish my buns were more interested in paper than in the woodwork behind the the couch.....

Jade said...

Mick has always been more of a cardboard/paper-chewing bun than a wood-chewing bun, for which I am quite grateful. :)

Michelle May said...

You realize it was all really about my nephew getting a present. ;)
Nothing like boy's and their toys.
xx, shell