Monday, October 11, 2010

Calendar Contest Results

The results of the calendar giveaway are in. Mickey himself picked out the winner; I wrote each entrant's name on a slip of paper (two slips for followers--and yes, those are stubs from an old charity raffle) and offered them to him:

Of course, being Mickey, he wasn't going to make the process easy:

"You want me to do what?!"

"Ok, fine, but I get one banana slice for this--and put away that camera, for cryin' out loud!"

Terms were agreed upon, and so he picked a slip (or more accurately, grabbed and tossed one), and so our winner is: The human (aka Buttons' mum).

Congratulations, my friend--please email me ( with your mailing address so I can get your new calendar out to you (and international mailing is not a problem).

Thanks lots to everyone who entered--this may be my first giveaway, but it won't be my last. :)


The Fab Furs said...

Somehow I thought Mick's fee for helping select a winner would be more. Congratulations Buttons' mum!!

d. moll, said...

Button's mum is certainly deserving, but it is curious that she won my give-a-way too!!!

Jade said...

Well, she's either very lucky or she managed to bribe Mr. Mick when I wasn't looking. I just wish I could have caught it on video, the way he grabbed the paper and flung it was priceless. :)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Nice work, both of you! Buttons is just charmed!

Lisa said...

Mickey is one of the most expressive bunnies I've ever seen. His facials just kill me.

The human said...

Oh my how excited are we! I can't speak for buttons unfortunately, as I haven't seen him since Monday when me and the husband jetted off to Turkey for a bit of nuch needed beach time! yay! It's now just before dinner time, and the husband is snoozing, so I thought I'll just check in on blog land and couldn't believe our luck when I saw this! Thank you thank you thank you!
Will email next week when we get home. Have a good week every bun!

Annette F Tait said...

congratulations to Buttons for winning the calendar!!
(It is going into Button's room isn't it??)!
well done to everyone!