Sunday, October 10, 2010

New food? Pew food!

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On to the post:

I have mentioned in the past as to what a picky eater Mickey is; if I want to introduce him to a new food, it often takes days before he'll even give it a sniff, and then a few more days before he decides if he likes it or not. Over time, I have figured out some tricks to getting him to try things, and I have figured out some patterns as to what he'll like and what he'll pass up, but overall, it's a whole lot of trial and error.

Until last Tuesday, anyway; I think I may have found an exception to the rule.

One of my regular rabbit-related readings is a column by Phyllis O'Beollain, who writes about small animal issues for One of her recent columns was about the benefits of cilantro for small pets and humans. I know a number of people who feed cilantro to their rabbits, so I thought perhaps I would give it a try, so I bought some when I went food shopping this past Tuesday.

As soon as I brought the groceries into the kitchen, Mickey started going spazbunny in his cage; not exactly abnormal behavior for him, but a little odd since he'd already been fed. Usually, a full belly means a long nap, and the most I might get is a glare of disapproval for disturbing his rest. I told him to settle down and started unpacking the groceries. I always save Mickey's greens for last, so after putting everything else away, I pulled the cilantro out of its bag...

...and immediately started gagging. According to Phyllis' column, the name for the cilantro seed, coriander, comes from the Greek word for bedbug. I now know why: good gawd, what a stench!

I looked over at Mickey in his cage, still spazzing out, then looked at the cilantro. I washed some of the cilantro and gave it to him; he jumped on it like a rabbit who hadn't eaten in days. It was gone in a heartbeat.

Well, that explains a few things, like why he likes my son's feet.

I have now added cilantro to my list of wabbit food, but I do so reluctantly since I need a gas mask to even handle the stuff. A good bunny-mum must make the occasional sacrifice for her pets, though.

Speaking of which, I need to feed him.

Here's his latest video for you to check out while I do that:


The Fab Furs said...

I know what you mean about the smell. Although, when I get it from the grocery store, the odor is not that pronounced, and the buns don't always eat it right away. This summer I would get it at one of the farmers' markets, fresh from the ground,redolent with fragrance, and the buns ate it right away. Perhaps they should flavor rabbit meds with cilantro.

Jade said...

For some reason, I didn't notice the odor in the grocery store at all--it wasn't until I got home and took it out of the bag that I got hit with the smell. I was amazed that Mickey was able to smell it so easily even hidden in the grocery bag; I know rabbits have a good sense of smell, but his has always seemed less effective than most.

Lisa said...

My buns are OBSESSED with Cilantro!!! I think it smells good, clean, citrusy. I love when my rabbits have cilantro breath! Actually, our salads have been consisting of mostly herbs lately, usually parsley, cilantro, dill, mint, and lettuce lately, since my new grocery store where I moved SUCKS for bunny food. So their breath always smells nice after dinner.

Maybe it'll grow on you. I know how pungent it is, so I hope for your sake that it does!

Michelle May said...

Jade!!! OMG!!! I'm totally dying here! Your son's feet!!! Haaaaaaa haaaaa haaaaa! Hilarous!!!
I guess I'm use to Mexican salsa around these parts with lots of cilantro in it. Cilantro is the only veggie Sugie can handle. She get's 4 sprigs a day and so does Harrington. No other greens unless I want major vet bills.
Ok...still laughing about this post. Mickey your mama is just so darn funny!
xx, auntie shell

Clovie Boy said...

I don't mind the Cilantro fragrance. It isn't Clovie's favorite but I buy it every once in a while just for a change. I find it doesn't stay fresh for very long.

d. moll, said...

We grow the stuff here, I think it smells very bad to certain people, but not to all, it's a genetic thing. The article sure makes a good case for regular consumption by buns....Now as to the feet....I imagine Mickey is trying to give the boy a lesson in self cleaning.

Jade said...

Oh, the boy does keep himself very clean, but unfortunately, he's inherited the "stinky feet" gene from my side of the family, so even when his feet are clean, they still have a faint odor sometimes. Mickey finds the smell quite appealing, though. :)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the smell. It's a genetic anomaly that 1 in 10 people have. you can't taste or smell it properly. My family says it smells citrusy and clean, and tastes like peppery parsley. It tastes like a scented candle to me. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

omg! LOL. My two are addicted to cilantro! It's one of their staple dinner salad components! I like it too. Huh, i never thought of it having a bad smell.. I think it smells fresh and green. I think of guacamole when I think of cilantro.