Thursday, November 18, 2010


I was SO excited to get this in the mail on Monday:


A notecard set, magnet and a sweet card from Sue and Clovis of Clovie Boy! Sue is a wonderful artist, and if you have not checked out her blog or her Etsy store yet, you should.

Now. No, seriously, NOW.

It's ok, I'll wait until you come back...

*hums happy tune while she waits*

There you are. Isn't it awesome? And Clovis is just the handsomest boy, I want to squeeze him every time I see him. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sue and Clovis!

This is how happy I am with this gift; I squeezed the last drop out of my dying camera battery just so I could get that pic to show everybody. When I checked the memory card, I had a few pics of Mickey still on there, so I thought I would show those as well.

Please ignore the mess, it's been cleaned since.

This is Mickey's latest toy: a cardboard tunnel from . It can be stretched out, curved or straight, and folds like an accordion for storage.

So far, it has the Mickey seal of approval; he likes to bop in and out of it, and it's great for hiding from or escaping the boy...

...because if you don't escape the boy, this is what happens:

The "pillow on the bunny" trick does NOT get the Mickey seal of approval.

And now, I will be hunting for that fershlugginer battery charger. Wish me luck!


The human said...

V cool tunnel! We want one!

The Fab Furs said...

Clovis is very cute. I'm glad Mickey likes the tunnel, my buns are getting one for Xmas and it just arrived yesterday (don't tell them). I take it Mickey is going to get the boy a lump of coal for Xmas?

Jade said...

The boy will be lucky if he doesn't get a load of poop in his shoes, never mind a lump of coal in his stocking. ;)

Lisa said...

Yay for pretty gifts!

So cool that Mickey has the new Binky Bunny toy already!! Don't tell my buns, they'll be indignant. I used to spend all my money on toys, but now I have none so they get toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls. :-x

Clovie Boy said...

Thank you,Jade..! : )

Rabbits' Guy said...

Nice swag!

Go Mickey - you do tunnels good!

Betta sp said...

Mickey is very cute!

Karen M said...

I like your mail. A question about the tunnel. Do you think a big, fat, extra hairy angora would fit through it? It looks really cool, but so often my guys don't fit through openings of bunny houses, and tunnels.

Reese said...

That cardboard tunnel is such a great toy for Mickey. Rabbits just love to go in tunnels. In fact, in the rabbit hutches of my pets I included big pipes where they can zip in and out. Ha1 Ha! Ha! The seal of approval of my bunnies are more than what I expected.