Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is relatively low-key here. Hubby and I do exchange gifts, but nothing hugely expensive. Most of the time, it involves both of us getting each other goodies from Catherine's Chocolates , our local handmade candy store. I get him his favorite milk-chocolate-covered cashews (and some chocolate-covered wintergreens for myself) and he gets me chocolate-covered strawberries. He also gets me roses or a bouquet of assorted flowers as well.

This year, I told him that all I wanted for V-Day was a display shelf for my bunny stuff. He recently built himself a shelf for his collection of Sesame Street characters (that's a story for another post), and I have a ton of bunny items that are sitting in a pile on top of a bedroom table in dire need of proper displaying. He said he'd be happy to do it. Of course, he still got me roses and choc-covered strawberries anyway, but I told him that won't get him out of building me a shelf. :)

For once, I actually dressed for the day: red top, red earrings, and this necklace, which I thought particularly appropriate:

Isn't it sweet? I got it during a bunny event at Berkshire Humane Society, the shelter where I got Mickey.

Speaking of Mr. Mick, while he doesn't get special gifts for V-Day, he did get a little extra treat in the form of some teeny-tiny dried pineapple and papaya bits. He got them as a belated Christmas gift from my girlfriend Laura, and I have been very stingy in doling them out so as not to have more tummy episodes. Needless to say, I was practicially tackled just opening the bag.

"If you value your life, you will dish out the treats NOW."

Once he was somewhat appeased with his treats, he was willing to pose pretty for a Valentine's Day message to his fans:

To all the single ladies out there:
I will be your hunnybunny
If you will be my bunnyhunny.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Love, Mickey

How can anybun resist that? Hope everyone and everybun is having a Happy Valentine's Day.


Anonymous said...

He is too handsome for words!!!!

Hef's Mom said...

Happy Valentines!

d. moll, said...

Sweet, hoppy valenbuns day.

SixBunnies said...

I'm swooning! Mick, you can have anything you want!

The necklace is beautiful! And, I could guess your hubby had to be a neat person and you proved it with the Sesame Street collection! Two really cool people and a bun! Awesome!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Put your bag away, Zoey. You are going nowhere!

Jade said...

Laura: Yes, he is, and he knows it. :)

Hef's Mom and d. moll: Thanks lots and a Happy and Hoppy V-Day to you!

SixBunnies: Careful, Mick will indeed take you up on that--and if you think hubby's Sesame Street collection is cool, wait until you see the menagerie in his work van.

RG: Awwww, c'mon, let Zoey come out here. We promise we won't keep her too long...maybe a year...or two...or... :D

Crafty Green Poet said...

Mickey is so handsome addressing the world! Your necklace is beautiful!

The human said...

Sigh, he's adorable, especially with the little paws crossed, resting on the cage shot! I'd give him all the treats - no question!

Malcolm Russell said...

Yes, he is sweet, isn't he?!

Karen M said...

What a sweetie Mickey is! I had to remind Ginny she's not exactly single. She's almost as bad as Zoey with the boys....

Catherine's Chocolates said...

Thanks for mentioning the chocolate shop in your post. To be honest, we're partial to chocolate bunnies, but yours are cute, cute, cute.

Jade said...

CGP, TH, and Malcolm: He's adorable for sure, and he uses all that cute to full advantage.

Karen: Mickey welcomes any and all attention from the ladies. He's a total lover-bun at heart.

To the folks at Catherine's: We are always happy to promote your awesome chocolates, and should you ever need a spokes-bun, Mickey would be happy to oblige. :)

Michelle May said...

Oh Mick you are truly a hunnybunny! Smoochies to you!!!
Jade, that necklace is fabulous!
Ok...cannot wait to hear about the Sesame Street collection???? Love it!
xx, shell

Lisa said...

I, for one, would LOVE to hear about his sesame street collection. Your necklace is such a perfect valentine's day necklace!!!

Mickey you look so handsome! (I thought that pineapple and papaya were two of the best things for GI health for a bunny?? Not a joke. Seriously.)

SixBunnies said...

Yes, we need pics of the Sesame Street Collection! (and more of Mick, of course! - he looks way too soft ... for his own good ... attracks snorgleres! )

Kate said...

Oh my God are you actually threatening you human. Don't hurry to much I am sure a bunch or treats will be in your rabbit hutch in no time.