Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things that go "thump" in the night

I let Mr. Mick out for his run last night, and everything was normal for a little while, but then things got a little odd.

As I was on the computer playing a game, he came over to tug on my pants leg as always (the bunny equivalent of ringing a bell--it means His Majesty wants some petting and there had better be some petting given or else). I reached down and stroked his nose for a bit until he decided he'd had enough for the time being, gave a little thump and hopped over to the rug next to my desk.

I went back to my game and continued playing.

A short time later, I hear him thump again. I look over and he's under one of my dining room chairs as always. All seemed to be well, so I went back to playing.


I look at him again, look around--nothing. I turn back to the computer.

A minute later:


I turn around again. I look, I listen. Nothing that appears to be alarm-worthy. "What is the matter with you, silly bunny?"

Mick ignores me. I turn to go back to the game.


I get off my chair and get down on the floor. Mick is still under the dining room chair. I go to move the chair to get a better look; he thumps at me, scoots out from underneath the chair, and moves back to the rug. I figure okay, he's looking for some extra attention, so I stretch out on the rug (which usually results in him coming over to snuggle up against me and lick my face).

He comes over, but then he stops, thumps at me, turns, runs under my computer chair, thumps again, then goes back under the dining room chair. He huddles up and thumps again.

Okay, something's definitely weird.

I get up, go over to the dining room chair, move it and pick up Mick. He offers no resistance. I check him over; other than a couple of poops stuck to his butt, he seems perfectly fine. I sit down in my computer chair and give him a snuggle and tummy massage. After a while, he makes an odd noise, like a small whine or a sigh. I stop the massage and check him out; he's fine and more than happy to continue snuggling, so I snuggle him for about a half-hour more, then set him down to see what he would do. He bops off as if nothing had happened, and the rest of the night goes without incident.

After I put him back in his cage, I go to check the front door area. His litterbox is there, but since he tends to leave a few stray poops outside his box on the doormat, I always have to do a little cleanup there before bed.

The entire mat is covered--and I mean covered--with bunny poops. Like somebunny's butt exploded or something.

His Majesty on the aforementioned mat

I guess the tummy massage must have done the trick.


Crafty Green Poet said...

the power of a tummy massage!

Michelle May said...

Bless his heart. Poor little bunny tummy. At least he knew how to get your attention. That is wonderful.
xx, shell

Clovie Boy said...

That is so funny!

d. moll, said...

A good thump and a tummy massage can changed the whole world.

Karen M said...

Good thing he waited till he was on the mat, instead of using your lap!

Lisa said...

Such a good boy to let his mamma know when he needs a little tummy rub!

Rabbits' Guy said...

You are slowly learning ..... now pay attention!

Malcolm Russell said...

Hahaha! Hmmm...the pain of lagomorph constipation!

SixBunnies said...

He knew his mommy could help him. He just didn't quite know how to tell you what was wrong! I'm with Karen M ... it's a good thing that explosion didn't happen when he was tummy up on your lap! :)

Jade said...

Fortunately, he's never tummy-up when I give him a massage; he wouldn't tolerate it if I tried it that way. The image of Mickey as a fuzzy poop fountain made me giggle, though. :)