Thursday, March 24, 2011

Post-Vacation Craziness

You know that expression, "I need a vacation to get over my vacation."? Well, in my case, it's "I need a vacation to get over coming back from my vacation."

We got back last Saturday night, and it's been one thing after another.

To start with, when we arrived back at the hotel to pick up my son's car, his heater fan wouldn't work, which meant a very chilly ride home for everyone, since we hadn't had time to change out of our light summer clothes. Not really a good thing for three people who already had scratchy throats and coughs (we're still not sure if it's allergies from climate changing or mild colds, since no one's gotten any worse since we picked it up). We've been coughing and hacking for a week to ten days now, so hopefully whatever it is will be out of our systems soon.

It's also snowed twice already since we got home--Hell-LO, Mother Nature?! It's supposed to be SPRING already!

On Monday, I get a call from my mother that word has come down through the grapevine that my dad was hospitalized with chest pains (my parents have been divorced for many years). To say that my dad is hard to track down is an understatement; he thrives on letting as few people as possible know his activities. I finally manage to find out that he is in the hospital with pneumonia and pericarditis (inflammation of the heart sac), so I go to the hospital to see him with two of my siblings. He is doing well now, and the last I had heard from my aunt, if all went well, he'd be out very soon, maybe even as early as yesterday.

Yesterday, I get a call from my oldest brother's fiancee--they're still in Florida (they left here last week) and somehow, my brother got stung between the toes by a stingray! She was calling to find out if I could dig up any info on what should be done for treatment, since they had no internet access. I got the info she needed, and since they haven't called back, I assume all is well, although I'm sure my brother will be a hurting boy for a couple of days.

Yeah, it's been a crazy week so far.

The vacation was lovely, though: we had lovely warm and sunny weather just about every day but one.

 We saw some spring training baseball games.

We hung out at Capt. Hiram's SandBar and watched the pelicans.

We went to the beach and enjoyed sun and surf...

...and the seagulls watched us.

...gawd, I miss this.

Of course, it was good to come home and see Mr. Mick again. He was very well-behaved for my sister--that is, until the very last day, when he chewed her iPod cable as she was packing up her stuff to go home.

By the way, Mick--I'm finding hay in some very odd places here...and there's some chew marks I haven't noticed before...and there's bunny poop in my grapefruit tree pot...and it doesn't look like yours...and is this a half-filled carrotini glass in the pantry?!

"Sleeping...know nothing about it...and I plead the Fifth..."


d. moll, said...

Better take prints on those chew marks.....Feel better soon. Your vacation pictures look like they are from another planet!

Hef's Mom said...

Aww, my mom just had parocarditis in January and it flared back up a few weeks ago! However the vacation looks lovely, glad you had fun, I want to go on vacation NOW!

The Fab Furs said...

You must have been allergic to another state's version of spring. Glad you otherwise had a good time. Also glad other medical issues seem to be resolving themselves. Only The Shadow and Mr. Mick know what happened while you were gone.

Clovie Boy said...

Ahhh...the beach looks good! Hope things settle down for you now. Isn't it nice not to have to worry about Mick while you are away?

Rabbits' Guy said...

What the Fab Furs said - The Shadow ain't talking. In fact, the Nine here have been strangely silent about the whole thing too.

Nice looking vacation - can't figure out to feel bad for you or glad or what.

Malcolm Russell said...

Glad your dad's going to be ok. And one chewed ipod cord...well, that's not too bad overall. Especially considering it wasn't even yours. (Can I say that?)

Jade said...

Thanks, all--the vacation was indeed lovely, but like all vacations, over far too quickly.

My dad is out of the hospital as of this past Wed., with meds and vitamins to take and a stress test scheduled in two weeks. I'm hoping he'll be smart enough to do what his doctor wants him to do, but I also know that nagging him about it will make things worse.

Mr. Mick continues to plead the Fifth, and further investigation has gotten me nowhere, so he's off the hook for now. He was lucky that my sister's iPod cord still works, and she says it was her fault for not paying attention to things while she was packing up--and knowing Mick, that's probably why he chewed it in the first place.

Lisa said...

I'm so glad to hear you had such a great trip, but sorry it was such a nightmare coming back. It alwaus seems to go that way - every time I fly I get a cold from the stuffy recycled air, I would imagine an extended car trip would have the same effect.

Mick looks exhausted from partying like a rockstar all week.

I think your sister has been converted to a bunny person already! "It was my own fault" that's what we all say!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Oh those party animals. Were the chew marks from pole dancing? Hmmm...

Glad your dad is ok. Ouchie about the sting ray!

Love your vacation pictures. Makes me warm on this cold day.

xx, shell

SixBunnies said...

Glad you are back safely and your family is doing better!

If Mick has straightened his ears up a bit before you took that picture, he might have pulled off being innocent, but the messed up ears just gave him away ... yep, he's hung over! Jamal's dew lap is all orange from the carrotinis, so he's busted!