Thursday, March 3, 2011


In a few days, we'll be heading to Florida on our annual pilgrimage to worship at the altars of sunshine and baseball. After the winter we've had, I am in desperate need of both.

My sister will be wabbit-sitting for His Majesty as always. In fact, she's stopping over tonight for our usual walkthrough, in which I show her where all his stuff is and what his routine is and he tries to convince her that he requires far more attention and treats than his evil mum gives him. I know she will spoil him almost as rotten as I do, so I have no worries. At least he is a healthy bun right now; last year, I was dealing with giving him eye meds and hoping she wouldn't have to.

I will miss my pampered orange furball, but I know he will be in good hands.

You all won't even notice I'm gone, though, because I will be bringing my laptop as always so I can keep up on all the goings-on in the bunny community. I may even throw in a post if I have a chance, because there will be days when we have nothing going on and lots of pretty pictures to share.

Here's the latest video of Mr. Mick, who found a new something to explore recently: the empty laundry hamper that I left in the dining room by accident.


Hef's Mom said...

Have fun Jade! Let us see some pictures of sunshine and warmth so we can remember it!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Very nice vid. Mik can't get rid of it, he can't use it, and there isn't enough romm for him and it. He sure does good on the wood floors though!

You show sunshine and warmth and we kill you!!!

Who plays in Fla now? Pirates? Tigers? Rays? ...

Jade said...

Sorry, RG, but Hef's Mom asked for sunshine and warmth and I am not going to disappoint. :D

As for the baseball, all three that you mentioned still play in FL, as well as the Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals, Nationals, Mets, Twins, Braves, Phillies, Astros, Marlins and Blue Jays. We go to the home parks of the Nationals and Mets, since they are closest to where we stay.

Lisa said...

I want to worship the sunshine! Can you bring some back with you? Drop a bit off in NY on your way home? Hef's Mom and I would much appreciate :)

Have a great trip!

d. moll, said...

Get warm through and through!! You certainly deserve it for living through the winter where the closest thing to the yellow firey ball in the sky is the fluffy orangeness of Mr. Mick.

Karen M said...

He's so cute, and who knew a hamper could be so interesting?

BTW, Yankees, or Red Sox?

Michelle May said...

Now if he could only do the laundry! Yeah! ;)

Have a fantastic time! Safe travels!
xx, shell