Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mr. Mick on Mother's Day

Hey all, Mickey here. Since you humans are celebrating Mother's Day today, I told Mum I would handle the blogging detail for today.

(Mum says to ignore the mess of hay in the pic; she's cleaned the cage since then--sheesh, Mum! They know that!)

Mum and I celebrated our 3rd buniversary together last Sunday, something she apparently forgot to mention because she was too busy talking about that silly Boy of hers. Hmph! Just because she went and gave birth to him does not make him more special than me--after all, she chose me, didn't she? He's just been lucky to have been around longer.

I will be a gracious bun, though, because it is Mother's Day, and I have a bunny-mum who has loved me lots for three years now. I will admit, there have been a few times when she could have been less loving (like when she clips my nails, or washes my butt, or cleans my cage, or takes me to the vet...) but overall, I'm happy that she chose me out of all the other rabbits at the humane society.

The Big Guy and The Boy also appreciate all she does for them. They gave her some nice gifts for Mother's Day:
(The Boy also gave her a card, but not until after the pic was taken.
Wouldn't let me sample the flowers, either...)

I gave her my usual: lots of nose bonks and bunny kisses. She says she never gets tired of those. The Big Guy is taking her out to dinner tonight, so I'll surprise her with some snuggles after they get home.

I hope the rest of you are taking the time to show your bunny-mom (or your human mom) how much you love and appreciate her. After all, she did/does an awful lot of stuff that nobody else would do for you....unless you have somebody else wiping your butt, in which case I don't want to know about it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to catch a bit of a nap before tonight's snuggle session. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms (and bunny-moms) out there!


Rabbits' Guy said...

You've put us to shame Mick. Good work by all!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Oh Mickey, what an excellent post (and how handsome you look in the last photo). Here in the UK Mothers Day is in March.

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Mick, you are such a good boy and the perfect kiddo fur sure! Sounds like your mum had a wonderful day filled with lots of love.
xx, auntie shell

The Fab Furs said...

You are such a thoughtful bun, Mickey. Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary and hope you spend many more in the manner to which you have become accustomed.

Karen M said...

Happy Anniversary, Mickey, and nice post. Your Mom got some beautiful flowers, but I bet you would prefer dandilions! Maybe she'll give you some for doing the post.

Paula said...

What a sweetie Mickey is (I love that name!) and what special plans for your time together. I wish Keating was a snuggler, he just wants endless nose rubs and unlimited raisins. Happy Anniversary and I hope that other silly day was fun too.

Lisa said...

1. Hay and mess don't belong in the same sentence. Hay is glorious no matter where it is!

2. Happy bunoversary! Our 2nd with Sogna is today! (Thanks for the Bunspace love).

3. Happy Mother's Day, Jade! Although I know I'm a little bit belated.

SixBunnies said...

Good boy, Mick!

Happy Mothers' Day!