Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mr. Mick's Game of Thrones

Mr. Mick has been a rather grumpy despot this past week, mainly because he has not had a proper throne to sit on. The two he had were in dire need of washing, but there wasn't enough laundry that I could add them to in order to make a full load of laundry. Last Monday, when I cleaned his cage, I put a pair of folded towels inside instead of one of the thrones.

You would think I had given him a bed of nails.

There was much flinging of anything that wasn't anchored down; his hay basket, his jingleball, his keys, his toy chain. I was repeatedly subjected to both the Bunny Butt O'Snub and the Dread Glare O' Sulk. The towels themselves were pushed around and clawed at--until somebunny realized that he was going to need something to park his fuzzy butt on that wasn't his cage floor.

Suddenly, the towels weren't so bad after all.

A few days later, there was a package from Leith Petwerks . It couldn't have come at a better time.
Inside the package:

A new bowl for Mr. Mick's salads, because somebunny has a nasty habit of flinging any bowl or plate that gets put in his cage, even if there is a pile of greens on it.


A brand new throne.

These are Mick's assortment of thrones; the pale green plush was his first, followed by the large gray plush and the new dark green fleece. The new throne is not as soft as the other two, but that didn't seem to bother His Majesty at all. He was snuggled up in it practically from Day 1, and let me know that I was forgiven for the moment...

...until today, when I washed all three thrones.

He has his gray one in his cage now. As soon as I put it in his cage, he had to give it a thorough inspection:

"Did you remember to use the dryer sheets?
I am NOT going to be happy if my fur gets all static-y."

"Hmmph...I suppose it will do."

A benevolent despot is His Majesty...at least until the next laundry day. 


The Fab Furs said...

Mr. Mick doesn't realize how hard it must be for a human to live up to his standards. Good thing the package arrived when it did. The buns have me trained to do their laundry as one separate load every Sunday and over the years we have accumulated enough Palace Pet mats to have spares for the occasion--they also hate going without.

Jade said...

I am sure that I will need to get a few more thrones eventually so that there is always a proper cushion for the royal bunneh butt. There used to be more towels of his that I could wash with the thrones, but he's been far cleaner than he used to, so less to wash.

craftygreenpoet said...

oh bunnies can be so fussy!

Lisa said...

Pickey Mickeyyyyy!!! lol.

Those clip on bowls are great for buns who like to toss their water bowls.

Added bonus of fleece bed: Fleece tends to help shedding and keep the shedded fur contained. I don't know how else to describe it except fur seems to cling to fleece.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those thrones look beautiful!! What a lucky bunny to have such wonderful thrones!

Clovie Boy said...

I think some bunny is a little spoiled...

Jade said...

CGP: For sure they can, but Mick takes fussy to art form levels.

Lisa: I noticed that right off the bat--I had to remove a bunch of fur off that one before I could even think about washing it.

Abigail: Mickey loves his thrones, he says you can never have enough of them.

Sue: Only a little? :)

bunnits said...

Oh, dear. When my little despots see those thrones, I'm afraid my punishment might be severe. The towels and blankets will no longer be acceptable.

Michelle May (Shell) said...

A lovely assortment of thrones for His Magesty. He's so good about not ripping them to shreads like his two cousins! Peasants that they are. ;)
xx, shell

Karen M said...

He's so persnickety. It just makes me smile.

Paula said...

Bunny butts cannot be denied...keep up the good work, your exemplary servitude is an inspiration to us all.

Rabbits' Guy said...

By gosh I see just a hint, but it IS a hint, of appreciation sneaking though that frown!!!! Bottle it up and save it for ever!!!

SixBunnies said...

I think that snuggling a hoomin nose into Mick's fur just at the top of his sweet little head would cure just about anything that ails one! He looks just too furry/snuggly/soft/amazing!

Annette F Tait said...

ha ha! a King can never have enough Thrones :)
(shouts of yay! yay! coming from behind me, way down on the floor ..._