Friday, February 17, 2012

New Stuff, Exciting Stuff, All Kinds of Stuff!

With all of Mr. Mick's shenanigans, I haven't had much time to report on the usual goings-on here, so this is where I play catch-up.

I got some awesome new stuff recently--first, a new t-shirt featuring that suave and sophisticated ladies' bun from the West Coast, Tyler:

The only way this shirt could be more awesome
is if it said, "Helllllllllo, ladies!" 

Then there's the adorable tote bag I won in the Rabbit Slippers giveaway:

Just too cute for words. 

They've got another contest going on now, so be sure to stop over there and check it out.

I'll definitely be needing the tote this weekend. Mr. Mick and I are going to be doing our first educational event for the House Rabbit Connection this Saturday and Sunday (Feb. 18th and 19th) from 11am to 2pm at the Petco store on Merrill Road in Pittsfield, MA, so if you're in the area, feel free to stop by and say hi. I'm hoping to bring Mick both days, but it will all depend on how Saturday goes for him. I will definitely be taking pictures (and video if possible), so you'll get to see how it went. 

In other news, I have been very busy working on crochet projects. Right now, I have two going at once: a baby blanket for a relative, and a throw that will be a housewarming gift for friends. I will post pictures when I'm done; I would post a sneak-peek, but there is the possibility that the recipients might see them and I want them to be a surprise. 

Instead, here's a few pictures of my last completed project, a throw/lap blanket I made for Mick's beloved Auntie Shell of The Raspberry Rabbits

I had made Shell a scarf as a Christmas gift, and she liked it so much, she asked for a throw out of the same yarn, which is Plymouth Yarn's Baby Alpaca Brush. It's soft and fuzzy and very snuggy, according to Shell. The great thing about making throws this time of year is that they keep you warm while you're making them. 

That's all for now, I think. I need to get all His Majesty's stuff together for the trip to Petco tomorrow. Wish us luck! 


Clovie Boy said...

Nice job on the throw, Jade!

Rabbits' Guy said...

32 Paws up for Mick and you going to the Petco talk!!!! Bring back pix .. oh .. and don't let Mick out of sight. He will be abducted happily!

Karen M said...

The throw is beautiful, Jade. Lucky shell. Is Mick jealous of the Tyler shirt?

bunnits said...

Lots of neat stuff!!

Fairy Castle Farm said...

Good luck and I am loving it all, good catchup xx

RoadBunner said...

That Tyler sure does have a lot of girlfriends! Nice work! I'm working on a knitting post right now. I've never crocheted but do want to learn. Good luck at Petco!!

Michelle May said...

Yesssssssss!!! I'm just now catching up on everything! No wait,still behind on everything!!
Love your new shirt and your tote! Too cool about Mick at Petco! How did it go?
As for the throw...enjoying it right now! Loooooooooove Loooooooooove it! Happy bunny dance for me! :)

Sixxy said...

Hello Jade. I don't know whether it's inappropriate to post here about what I'm going to say but here goes.

Last night my beloved bunny of 10 years passed away. She had breathing difficulties so I whisked her to the vet. After getting an x-ray, I found out she had uterine cancer which spread to the lungs. The dr said she had about 6 mths to live but I didn't want her to suffer those last few months so I had her euthanised. In a way her death was my fault because I didn't have her sterilised. That's her in my profile pic.

I'm a silent reader for a long while but I had to tell someone about her. Well, at least she finished the last of her treats last week. I love her so much!

Jade said...

Sixxy: *hugs* So very sorry to hear about your loss--we will be sending special thoughts out to her and you are in thoughts and prayers as well.

Don't blame yourself for this; she lived a very long life for a bun, and she would never have lived so long if you hadn't taken good care of her in the first place. We all have our shoulda-coulda-wouldas when it comes to our bunnies; they have such fragile systems, and there's still a lot we have to learn about them. You did the best thing any bun-parent oould do: you loved her enough to make sure she didn't suffer, and that's what's important.

I'm always here if you need someone to talk to--feel free to email me at

Sixxy said...

Tried to send an email but it kept bouncing back saying delivery of email failed permanently. (o_o)??

Anyway, here's what I sent:-

Last night, I couldn't bring myself to watch her get euthanised in person, so I left her in the care of the vet.
Half an hour later the dr brought her limp body out. She was still so soft and warm.

Now in hindsight, I should have been with her in her last moments and am feeling extremely upset about it.
My mom said that she wouldn't want me to see her go but I can't help but think she would've wanted me there.
Her ashes are coming home in a week's time.

Right now I'm just howling like a hurricane and feel at a loss for what to do - I should have been there when she died.

Jade said...

That's odd, I know the email is working--that's how I get notified of new comments. Please try again.

All of us have had that "I should have" moment with our pets, hon. It is very difficult to say goodbye sometimes when the time comes--and sometimes we don't get that chance even when we want to be there with them at the end. Animals live in the moment--they don't hold grudges, they don't dwell on circumstance. She knew you loved her; that is all that mattered to her then, and that is all that matters to her now.

It is always so very hard to say goodbye to those we love, especially our pets. Our time with them is so very brief--they sneak into our hearts, tie them up, and then before you know it, they steal them and slip away. There is no right or wrong way to grieve for your loss. If you need to cry, by all means cry. Some people write it out, some people express their feelings through pictures or other forms of art. I have a tattoo of Mickey's predecessor on my arm. I also made a slideshow of all the pictures I had of him. Even now, I still go back through those pictures and remember what a great rabbit he was. You never stop missing them, but the loss is a little easier to bear as time goes on.

Again, if you need to talk, I'm here to listen. *hugs*

Lisa said...

YAY For fun stuff!!! Love that throw! How was Petco? Our rescue's Petco involvement has expanded over the past few years. It started with volunteers bringing fosters down to one Manhattan store on the weekends to raise awareness and solicit adopters. Now there are three stores with permanent in-house adoptable bunnies and two others in the boros that host volunteers/fosterers regularly. The staff doesn't care for the bunnies, the volutneers do, but it has been a great opportunity for the rescue!

Sixxy, I am so, so sorry for your loss.