Sunday, May 13, 2012

Catching Up

Did you ever have so many things you want to talk about, you couldn't figure out where to start?

That has been the case for me lately; I've been wanting to update everyone as to what has been going on, but either there hasn't been the time or my brain has refused to function--and now there's so many things I want to tell and show you all, I almost don't know what to do first.

However, it is Mother's Day, so first off Mr. Mick and I want to wish all the moms (and bunny-moms) we know a Happy-Hoppy Mother's Day. I got very nicely spoiled by The Boy and Hubby this year:

The stuffed bunny and flowers are from The Boy,
the lovely jewelry from Hubby.

Hubby also made his usual Mother's Day pilgrimage to the local nursery to get the hanging baskets to display in the front yard:

Milo the gardener bun has been given his regular flowers to tend to: 

The impatiens are looking a little wilty right now,
but Milo will have them all full and lovely in no time. 

We also have our fuchsia basket in the entranceway:

The ones with the purple flowers are a must,
because those are the ones the hummingbirds like.

Of course, Mr. Mick has been giving me his usual Mother's Day snuggles and bunny kisses (which makes it very hard to try to get this blog post written, as typing with one hand and trying to pet a bun with the other is not easy). As I mentioned, we had to make a return trip to the vet's last weekend after a repeat of him not eating--at least this time, he was thoughtful enough to do it during regular vet hours. Again, by the time we went to the vet's, he was starting to eat again, and his exam showed nothing out of the ordinary. This time, I had them take x-rays to see if any kind of partial blockage could be found. Nothing could be seen on the initial x-ray, so Mick was given some barium to provide contrast and see how well it processed through his system, and we had to make a return trip Saturday morning for another set of x-rays to see the results.

All went well, no blockages detected, and after discussing the matter thoroughly with the vets, it was decided that perhaps Mick has not been getting enough hydration for his system to properly push things through, so that has been the focus for the past week. Christina of Rabid Tidbits recommended a product called Bounce Back (which is not made specifically for rabbits, but is given to practically every other critter out there) which is essentially Gatorade for animals and very helpful for hydration, so I gave that to Mick for a couple of days, and also gave him the probiotic/vitamin mix his vet gave me (not at the same time) and just syringed extra water into him. 

It did help, although at the same time I found that there were certain foods that I was going to have to either reduce or eliminate in Mick's diet as they were causing him to  have loose cecum. One was dandelion leaves; more than one or two and somebunny was in need of a butt bath. The other was his dried carrot tops, which I was allowing him free access to under the impression that because they were high-fiber, they would be helpful. They helped...a little too much, so I've switched to small amounts of dried fennel tops instead, since fennel is supposed to help with digestion.

 Om nom nom...

"What's that, Mum? 'Too many carrot tops', you say?
Feh, no such thing as too many--you don't give me enough,
that's the problem."

"Humph! Well, that just stinks. 
How's a bun supposed to have any kind of fun
if he can't eat what he wants?"

Re-introducing the brand of western timothy hay I used to put in his litterbox has also helped unexpectedly. Turns out that somebunny started eating the hay out of the litterbox when I put it in--he won't touch it if I put it in a box or hayrack, but put it in his litterbox and suddenly it's munch-munch-munch. Foo' wabbit (not that I'm complaining, but sheesh...).

Surprisingly, the one thing I thought might be causing problems--his banana and pumpkin bites--haven't hurt him one bit. I'm guessing it's because they're hay-based, but either way I'm glad I don't have to cut them out of his diet. After all, a bun's got to have some treats. 

I've also been giving him regular tummy massages, which he's been tolerating far more than he used to do. Before, he would either tolerate them or jump and run; now, he not only puts up with it, but I get way more face licks and tooth-purring. I guess I must be doing something right.

Best of all, I'm starting to see more of this again:

After all, lop is short for flop--
and a flopped lop is a happy lop. 

Must be doing something right somehow--right? 

Okay, that's enough for now. I still have a bunch of pics and videos I want to post, but those will have to wait for another day. 


Lorna Appleby said...

Is it hard being so very handsome, Mr Mick? I'd imagine its a lot of hard work, anyway!

I'd never known dandelion leaves to lead to yucky butt, but if a certain Scout got her paws on more than one or two of the flowers she would.. in spades.

And what IS it with rabbits and the hay in their litter box? Every rabbit who has passed through my life has refused the hay rack - will only eat it out of the litterbox. Sage would yank it out of the rack and spread it on the litterbox and eat it then. Weirdo rabbit.

Glad you had a happy Mommy's Day! Looks like the boys have been well trained. :)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Great swag! Dang - I forgot to get Fuschia starts .. Dark Eyes those might be called.

Benji is totally off greens because they were causing him a lot of runny goop and a dirty, dirty butt and tail. Seems to be going OK ... BL holds him special while Goldie gets her evening salad.

Go Mickey! Flop till you drop!

Christina said...

Hubby and Boy picked wonderful gifts. I do love thoughtful men.(also quite the commentary on what your two think of mom and wife) Flowers look just beautiful and Milo the gardener bun does a terrific job.

I am very happy that Mr. Mick is feeling better. Mine are like Mickey and will not eat hay unless its in their potty box. Bounce Back has done wonders for Millie's booty issues. Give my love to Mickey and a very Happy Mother's Day to you!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Happy Mohter's Day - lovely gifts you received!

Glad that Mickey is doing so much better, that last photo of him is adorable!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

I love to see a flopped lop! Mr. M. has it down to a science. He's a doll. Glad to hear he is doing better. :)

Chatty Crone said...

Happy Mother's Day.
I have to tell you I know nothing about bunnies - so this is new to me and very interesting.
So what was the bottom line problem and is he better? I hope so.

Tamsin said...

Beautiful flowers!

Have you tried blackberry/bramble leaves (either fresh or dried)? They are very fibrous and excellent for bunny digestion. They were one of the first solid foods Scamp ate when he was a tiny little baby.

The human said...

Great pics of Mick!!! Especially the flop. Love the flowers too xxx

Michelle May said...

Woo hoo! Such fussy little critters we love. Each is different indeed. Looks like you have learned all the tricks and everything will be perfect from here on out.
Flop on my precious nephew. Much love from Auntie Shell

RoadBunner said...

Hoppy belated Mother's Day!

Glad nothing could be found with Mick. Before Mario's episode he ate a larger than usual portion of cabbage so I now severely limit that. Nice to know about the hay rack. I was thinking of getting Mario one to reduce wastage, but perhaps better to not mess with something that works (litterbox).

Lisa said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! Thanks for the Mickey update!

(Biff will eat hay anywhere, but if I put hay in a separate box, he will surely pee in it).

Karen M said...

Do you think you can get your money back on that case of Snapple? Considering what was in it?

Glad to hear Mickey's better. And to add to the chorus, our rabbits have always preferred their hay from their litterboxes, too. Which I'm pretty sure would have KB saying "Rabbits are weird"!

speedyrabbit said...

glad you're feeling better Mr M but a we've been on vacation mum has only gotten half of you Speedy special done when its finished I will let you knowoxox Speedy