Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Catching Up

First off, a big "Hello and Welcome!" to our newest followers (Don't think I didn't notice you come in--I really did, just keep forgetting to mention it.) as well as some big hugs and much love for those who were already here (Did you think I was going to forget you? Sillies, that's just not happening.). Mr. Mick and appreciate each and every one of you--feel free to invite your friends as well; the more the merrier.

More stuff to catch up on--not quite so much bunneh-related. As some of you know, I've mentioned that I was working on a few crochet projects; a couple of baby blankets for my cousin's new daughter and a throw blanket housewarming gift for my friends Duncan and Lesley. One of the baby blankets is finished, and I'm hoping to complete the second before the belated baby shower/Memorial Day party. (Miss Samantha showed up 10 weeks early, and was in the ICU for a while, so the shower was postponed.)

This is the one blanket I've finished:

Here's a closeup of the pattern:

It is actually two strands of the same variegated yarn put together (the yarn is very thin--kind of like what you'd use to make socks); the second blanket is being made with a single strand since we're going into summer and they'll need something thinner. I just hope I get it done in time, I've done way too much procrastinating with this project. As is, I have more baby blankets to make, and all need to be done before September--three babies are on their way! My older stepdaughter is expecting her second child (a girl this time, so she'll have one of each like her sister). One of my husband's employees and his wife are expecting their second child, and a dear online friend and his girlfriend are expecting their first child (a boy). (Honestly, people, what's with all these babies? It was a MILD winter--you couldn't have needed to get warm THAT much! ;) )

This is the throw blanket that I made for my friends:

It's a simple wave pattern, which I tried to capture closeup, but the coloring kind of hides it.

It's alpaca, very thick and soft, and very snuggy. I had a hard time finishing it because we got a warm spell of weather and I literally couldn't sit under it to work on it. 

Lesley and Duncan surprised me with one request: they are devoted pet lovers (they have two adorable cats, Victor and Benny) and they are big Mr. Mick fans. They said that since a blanket is not a proper blanket without some pet hair on it, would I please include some Mick fur on it?

Mick and I were more than happy to oblige:

"Well, this is a first. 
Mum usually doesn't want me on her stuff."

"You know, this is pretty comfy.
Are you sure you want to give it away?"

"Oh, ok--as long as it's for them
and not their silly cats, I can live with that."

"Now where's my treat?
Don't think I'm not getting compensated here."

I also included a small amount of fur from a grooming session in a little bag, in case they needed more. ;)

The blanket was a big hit in the household--once Benny and Victor let their humans use it. Duncan said he fell asleep under it in five minutes easily--and he has a hard time falling asleep. I told him that was the Mick fur--it comes with Mick's power of napping at warp speed. :D

I was so happy with how it came out that I may have to make one for us--assuming I ever run out of baby blankets to make. Good thing those are easy to do. 

Okay, I've almost got you caught up on everything going on here...maybe one more post left. See you soon!


Crafty Green Poet said...

What wonderful colours and I love the look on Mick's face!

Susan said...

Awwwwwww, that was cute, Jade! I didn't know you could make blankets like that! You are a woman of many talents. Mick is, as always, cuddly and adorable. Take care. Susan

Rabbits' Guy said...

Good stuff! Pretty. A request for bunny fur - wow! That Mick - always willing to help!

Michelle May said...

I love how they turned out and of course I know first hand how snuggly soft alpaca blankets are. Still use mine every single night.
My nephew looks quite adorable sitting there. So glad he is being a good boy.

Karen M said...

Beautiful work, Jade! I can see why Mickey would want to keep the one he finished for you. Now, is he going to start having company meetings with himself on Fridays? Or maybe conference calls with those other two hard working buns?

The human said...

They are all soooooo beautiful Jade! And we an attest, having been very very grateful recipients of one of your creations, that babies sleep very soundly under them (I fact one is right now... Which is how I made it online!!!

Chatty Crone said...

You have been a busy gal there - and the blankets are so pretty - nice job.
Glad the bunny approved - sandie

SixBunnies said...

Oh, my! You could sell Mick fur (given willingly and painlessly of course!) online for insomnia cures! Mick, you are even more amazing than I realized before!!! Awesome! And, Jade, your work is beautiful! I thought of keeping alpacas because their fibre is just perfect. A friend keeps them and works their coats into beautifully dyed rugs! The little fellas and gals look like aliens with their big almond eyes!

Jade said...

SixBunnies: Got your message--you can email me at for direct contact. Y'know, I really wish Blogger had some kind of contact feature--unless you allow your email address to be shown, people have no way of reaching you because you can't reply to their email notification.

bunnits said...

I love it!!
The crochet is lovely. Nice colors and all, but Mr. Mick steals the show. He's soooooo cute!!

BinkiesandFlops said...

Beautiful! And Mick? SOOOOO sweet!!! ; ) x

SixBunnies said...


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Mr. Mick! You are ULTRA famous now!

speedyrabbit said...

Wait till your Speedy special is ready then you can have some fun!

Paula said...

Mr Mick, you're da bomb! I'm terrified Keating will nom my handmade shawls.