Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ice-capades and the last of the new stuff

The only bad thing about temps in the 80s here is that you start with a day that was warm outside and cool inside...and end up with a night that's cool outside and unbearably warm inside. Even with the windows open and screen doors, it's still terribly warm. I finally broke down and turned on the AC when I looked at the indoor/outdoor thermometer and realized that the house was actually getting warmer at the same rate that the temperature outside was cooling...and it was already over 80 in the house.

Earlier, I'd brought Mickey a dish of ice cubes to help keep him cool. Surprisingly, the location of his cage under the kitchen table is quite cool compared to the rest of the room, but not as cool as a fur-bearing critter would truly enjoy. Mickey responded as he always does:

FLING! went the little plastic tub (which is why it IS a plastic tub--trust me, I learned the hard way).

FLING! went the first ice cube, followed by many more FLING!s as he tossed each and every cube about the cage. (My fridge makes semi-circular ice cubes, so it was easy for him to pick them up.)
He was tossing them pretty far, too; good thing the cage door was closed.

Once he had tossed each cube to his satisfaction (and tossed the plastic tub a few more times for good measure), he hopped into his haybox and gave me a look that said,

"Well, that was amusing for a moment. Can you clean this up now?"

I put the cubes into his empty greens dish; that way, he can toss them again if he so desires, or if not, I'll empty out the water when I feed him later. Next time I give him cubes, I'll have to remember to bring my camera as well.

Here's the last pics of the trinket boxes I bought on eBay around Easter:

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil--
not exactly the bunny way, but very cute.

Three bunnies, one carrot?
Oh, there will be some evil spoken now for sure.

This bunny is looking quite sweet and innocent
(which means he's definitely up to no good)

And here's his carrot
(which he'd better keep hidden from the "not-evil" three)

That's the last of the new stuff--next time, I'll be showing some of the stuff I already have.


Malcolm Russell said...

I'd love to see some cube-flinging. If you can get a picture or two, post them!

Can you paint a target somewhere on the floor?

Jade said...

I promise, the next time I give him ice cubes, I'll have a camera ready. (Of course, that will be the one time he'll refuse to fling them, prima donna bunny that he is.)