Thursday, October 20, 2011


WARNING: The following post may cause excessive amounts of *squee*-ing, mainly from the poster.

A bit of backstory first:

As some of you may know (and if you don't know, you should), my friend and fellow bunny-blogger Donna of Lavender Rabbit Hoppenings has a monthly giveaway of some of the absolutely gorgeous jewelry she makes and sells in her Etsy shop . I enter her giveaways each and every month because I am a greedy wench who must have the nice things, and I have been lucky enough to win twice (click here and here for details and pretty pictures).

A short time after the September giveaway, I got an email from Donna. While I hadn't won that particular giveaway, it seemed it wasn't for lack of help. After prize-choosing bun Cooper picked the winning slip, he went back for seconds--and grabbed the slip with my name on it. (Smart bunny, that Cooper.) Donna said she couldn't give me the giveaway prize, but she would be sending me something else...and boy, was she right about the "something else"!

How do you like THIS?!


Extreme closeup *SQUEE*!!

Wearable Mr. Mick! Without the shedding! How can you not love this?

I put it on in a heartbeat, and will not ever be taking it off except for showering and sleeping for quite some time.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Donna! If I wasn't so darn excited right now, I would be crying. (Don't think there won't be a return giftie, either--for both you and Cooper.)

*ahem* I don't suppose there was anything for me in there?

No worries, Mick; Donna didn't forget you. You'll get your treat tonight.

Tonight? Why not now? Why am I being deprived?

You aren't being deprived. I'm just making sure that somebunny's tummy is fully recovered from all the treats he scrounged the other night--or do you really want another butt bath so soon after the last?

*grumbling under breath* would have to go and bring that up,
wouldn't you? Fine, I'll wait...

I thought you'd see it my way...and since it is indeed 'Tocktober, here's a pic of somebunny's now-clean butt:

*sigh* The things I put up with...I'm getting extra treats for this...


Karen M said...

Mickey is beautiful as Jewelry, Jade. I can see why you are "squeeing". And don't you just love 'Tocktober?

The Fab Furs said...

What a lovely and special giftie! That Cooper is one smart bun and his mom is so talented! Mr. Mick will just have to suffer the spotlight of fame. (Hope he does get a treat eventually.)

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Major, huge, giant SQUEEEE!! How totally cool is that! OMG! Way to go Cooper bunny!
xx, shell

Rabbits' Guy said...

Aw what an inspiring story and wholesome pix of the Mick - clean! What ever BL might promise or threaten, just say NO, MINE!

Lavender Rabbit said...

I'm guessing you like it... :)
I'm so happy you do!
Hugs, Donna, Cooper and the rest of the fur crew

The human said...

OMG how clever is Donna!!!! I love that u can have mick with u even when u go out now! Just hope yr boys dont get jealous!! Squee indeed!

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a beautiful necklace! And I love the photo of Mr Mick's back feet and tail

Paula said...

You're the luckiest Bun Mum evah! I would loooove to have something like that. Congrats the both of you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is beautiful!

Lisa said...

What an unbelievable job Donna did! That is really incredible. Wow.

Look at those very clean little footsies. Jon would be so jealous (he's on this kick about wanting to clean Sogna's black feet lately).

SixBunnies said...

Wonderful! How perfect!

Mick, you have the best feetsies! That little sassy lounging position you have there, Sweetie, shows them off and makes me melt!

Fairy Castle Farm said...

Squeeeeeeeeeeee........ Gorgeous, lucky bun and mom! Now you will never be apart >(:o3 From Sweetie