Friday, January 21, 2011

Treats for Jade!

I know, I've been a posting fiend lately, but since I'm snowed in yet again there isn't much else to do. Besides, I've been dying to show off the lovely goodies I've gotten lately.

First off, these lovely bundles from d. moll and 4buns' The Qi Papers Etsy store arrived on Monday:

Inside those lovely bundles were these *squee*:

and these *SQUEE*:
Lovely, lovely notecards that I will have such a hard time parting with, although I do plan to keep one of each for myself.
There was a  beautiful origami crane as well, which I plan to string with fishing line and use as an ornament.

As if that weren't enough to brighten my snow-filled week, with yesterday's mail came my giveaway prize from Donna at Lavender Rabbit Hoppenings, which arrived all sweetly wrapped for me:

Christmas in January! YAY! And inside *gleeful shriek*:

Aren't they GORGEOUS? I am so wearing these out to dinner tonight.

Donna was even nice enough to include something for Mr. Mick as well:

A willow ring and some dried pineapple for His Majesty, who was hoping that he would get the entire envelope-ful for a treat, but is currently on a treat-free diet because of some minor digestive issues  (mainly that he's been eating too many treats).

Thanks much to both d.moll and Donna (and their respective warrens) for making this week a lot brighter.

(Of course, if it would JUST STOP SNOWING, that would help...)

Speaking of giveaways, don't forget to go HERE and leave a comment so you can be entered in my giveaway--and feel free to pass the word along to everyone else so they can enter as well.


d. moll, said...

Thanks for doing a Qi Papers spotlight, well shared spotlight, but we don't mind sharing with Lavender Rabbit. Got keep you sane until you can dig out of your igloo.....Our best the treatless Mr. Mick.....

Rabbits' Guy said...

I think I will keep one and send the others unmarked in envelopes as treats for the next guy. Then they can do the same and etc. etc. !!! The Spots go viral!!!!

Lavender Rabbit said...

All I can is Mickey, we tried buddy...
Thank you so much for the great post! We are honored to share the spotlight with the awesome D. Moll. So happy you love the pieces!
Nose bonks from all of us.

Michelle May said...

Fabulous goodies! I got some from d and the buns too! Love them!

Lavender rabbit earrings are so fab!

xx, shell