Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Tree Bunnies

FINALLY got our tree up and decorated for this year! Hubby has not been a very cooperative tree-fetcher these past few years (I think it's part of his campaign to switch to an artificial tree--so he won't have to help with any of the process. Silly him--not happening.), but once I told him that if there was no tree forthcoming, he was going to get put in a tree stand and decorated with lights and ornaments, he finally got himself in gear.

Not all of my ornaments are rabbit-related, but I do have quite a few bunnies on my tree. All but one or two, I have bought over the years at our local nursery (they do the BEST Christmas displays, they even have an upside-down tree!):

(This one is one of my favorites; it's supposed to be a metal bunny mold,
like the ones used to make chocolate bunnies way back when.)

These two pics (above and below) 
are actually the same ornament--it's two-sided. 
I used to have two of them so I could show both sides,
but one of them broke last year. 
I was so upset because the artist no longer makes them, so I can't replace it.
This is the side I chose to display this year.

I *squee*-d so loud when I saw this ornament;
I ADORE Beatrix Potter bunnies. 

The only rabbit you will not find on our tree?

"Hmph...Unless I can nibble on it, I want no part of it. 
Call me when Santa brings my treats..."

The reason for somebunny's discontent:

It's not that he can't nibble the tree; we just don't want him nibbling the cords. Also, we use a tree preservative in the water so the tree lasts longer and we don't want him possibly drinking it. His Majesty is lucky he gets to be in the same room with the tree this year--in the past, we've had to block off the room altogether. I was originally going to put up and take down the x-pen fence as needed, but since the grandbabies may be visiting at some point (and we don't want them getting at the tree, either) I decided to just leave it up.

Here's the un-bunnyproofed version:

Note: I'm going to have to update these tree pics post-Christmas--we've had to replace the star and we've added some more ornaments.

Mr. Mick and I wish everyone and everybun a blessed and joyous holiday season, no matter what holiday you choose to celebrate. Treats for everybun, and nose bonks and bunny kisses to all!


Hef's Mom said...

What lovely bunnies! I love ornaments, I could never wait this long for a tree, I miss my ornaments too much over the year.

Christina said...

That is a good looking tree for sure. A very happy holidays to you and yours and a big smooch to Mickey!

Annette F Tait said...

happy Christmas and all that fun stuff from Wesley and me!
Mr Mick is welcome here to eat our tiny artificial tree (he could probably eat the card reindeer at the top if he stretched up :)
and for some reason the led lights require 3 batteries so em, the tree has lights but there won;t be any lighting up this year!
maybe not as much fun or as enticing as your tree perhaps?

Lavender Rabbit said...

Gorgeous ornaments! Beautiful tree. I'm sure Mickey will mind much less about not having access to it when his tummy is full of treats :)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to all!

bunnits said...

What delightful bunny ornaments. Poor Mr. Mick. At least he is not alone. Many buns and other critters do not get tree privileges, but it is for their safety as well as a few other reasons (our Twinkie the Tree Destroying Cat, has broken so many of our ornaments, many of which were from the very first years of our 41 years of marriage, that since she's come to live with us, we just load up the tree with lights. No more ornaments :(, but with the lights on, you don't really miss them--I guess).

Merry Christmas!

Clovie Boy said...

Great ornaments! Fun to see them. I have a few on my tree as well... Happy Holidays!

Crafty Green Poet said...

What a lovely selection of bunny ornaments! Mickey does look very disapproving. Hope he got some lovely Christmas treats!

Lisa said...

I love your bunny ornaments!!! Glad you whipped the hubby into shape. We refuse to get a real tree or any tree that goes on the floor (we have a nice tabletop) because i was under the impression that evergreen trees were pretty much all toxic to rabbits? If not, maybe we'll get one next year. However, we have had to put an x-pen around the TV stand (yes, the one they already chewed up). I'll post about it if i ever return to my blog.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

bunnythreads said...

omGOSH hE IS SOOO Cute hiding under there :0( my Chip diss's me the same way. but he is a mini rex & `was bred for royality' haha so belives he is rolyality thus should be treated as such :0) at all times...we sped al lot of time bowing down saying `Sorry Chip' I just adore your bunny ornaments! I have nothing as grand as yours(I have angels & snowmen) & leave mine out all year-on a little German feather tree,others I hang on a bookshelf & put hooks all over the underside of so the can hang & I can enjoy all year, some you can arrange to stand but as fabulous as they are, I would want to see them always.

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Beautiful tree and LOVE the bunny ornaments! Thank you so much Jade for participating in the Heartland Rabbit Rescue fundraiser. :)