Monday, December 12, 2011

The Wearable Mr. Mick

Today did not start on a good note; Mick needed a trip to the vet's because he was not eating and not behaving normally. The vet did x-rays and poked and prodded, but could not find anything obviously wrong; the prevalent theory is that Mick had a bad reaction to the introduction of arugula to his diet (this was the third time he had eaten it, and while he likes it a lot, it doesn't appear to like him so much). He is doing much better now, so thankfully I should be able to call the vet tomorrow and report that a follow-up visit is not necessary.

However, on the bright side, I received a special and much-anticipated package in the mail today. As I posted here back in October, Donna of Lavender Rabbit Hoppenings had surprised me with a lovely necklace featuring Mr. Mick. I contacted her not long after that and asked her if she could make me some matching earrings. I had also noticed a lovely stretch bracelet with bunny pictures in her Etsy shop, and asked her if she could make one like it, but with pictures of Mick.

The earrings arrived first:
I am snagging the pic Donna sent me to show them off,
since she takes way better pictures than I do.

Aren't they gorgeous?! There was all kinds of *squee*-ing when I opened the box, especially when it turned out that Donna had included yet another surprise:

Now you see why I used Donna's photo before--
my camera no like close-up shots so much.

...a cute little matching adjustable ring. To. Die. For.

The bracelet took a little longer; there were many emails back and forth between Donna and myself, with pictures galore, until we got it all fine-tuned. I was so excited when I saw the package in the mailbox, I immediately had to rip it open:

The pctures DO NOT do it justice, people.

There are 8 pictures in all; more cute than jewelry should be allowed. :)

I immediately had to put it on and wear it to the vet's so I could show it off, and I have only taken it off since to take the pictures.

(Note: I really wear them on my right hand; 
I had to move them to my left hand so I could take this picture.)

Thank you SO much, Donna--it is absolutely perfect!

One quick final note: I will be mailing out the Mickey holiday cards this week, any future vet trips not withstanding, so if you want one and haven't sent me your mailing address yet, be sure to email me and let me know. 


Rabbits' Guy said...

Bunny lovers delight

(actually Mickey lovers delight!)

Stay well Mickey.

Lavender Rabbit said...

So glad Mickey is feeling better! I had such fun working on his pictures, so glad you love the pieces. They look awesome on you :)
Hugs, Donna

Annette F Tait said...

goodness me! totally adorable, er, I mean abunable :)
I would not be taking them off either - they are just so gorgeous Jade, and what a handsome fellow Mr Mick is, he adorns jewellery well!
and glad he is better :) sending hugs

Crafty Green Poet said...

Oh what wonderful jewellery! Glad Mickey is feeling bettern

Karen M said...

Glad Mickey is feeling better. Weasley says to tell him arugula makes a better seat than treat.

That bracelet is completely amazing. Well, all the jewelry is beautiful, but that bracelet....Love it!

The human said...

Awesome! Does Mickey approve of having his furry chops adorning your being?!?!

The human said...

Sorry if I've posted multiple times... this blogger thing is playing up today (feel free to delete the superfluous!)

And Merry Christmas Jade!

d. moll, said...

the amazing Mr. Mick, he's a rabbit, a calendar star, has his own greeting card monopoly and now he is jewelry ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Christina said...

Mickey is such a good subject anyway and then to have such perfect things to add his image too. Love it.

Michelle May said...

So glad my nephew is doing good. Naughty boy to scare your mum like that!
Ok as for the jewelry....JEALOUS!!! GREEN I TELL YA! GREEN!

bunnits said...

The Mick Jewelry is just adorable!

Glad he's feeling better. Trips to the vet can be kind worrisome.

Lisa said...

that is so INCREDIBLE!!!! Hope Mickey is feeling better and I hope his tummy gives you both a break for the upcoming holidays.

bunnythreads said...

love the bracelet!