Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Collection, Part 1

Easter is always a great time of year for me, but not exactly for the reason you'd think. As I mentioned back when I started this blog, I collect rabbit stuff, and because so many rabbit items come out for sale particularly at Easter, it's a great time of year to add to my collection. I haven't had the chance to do much in the way of shopping for new stuff, though, because we were on vacation, but I do plan to make up for it soon enough.

I'm rather particular when it comes to what goes into my collection; cutesy does not necessarily cut it, and there really are some gawd-awfully ugly things out there trying to pass for cute bunnies. Here's just a few of the things that I already have:

This is one of my most recent acquisitions, bought on eBay: a perpetual calendar made of resin, which sits on my computer desk--and which I am often forgetting to switch to the proper date. (This isn't the case in the pic, which was actually taken on March 4th.)

These resin statues were a Christmas gift from my husband this year. The rabbit-and-cardinal one is particularly appropriate because my husband loves cardinals, so now we have a statue that represents us both. They are meant to be placed outdoors, but with all the snow we had, there wasn't anywhere to put them, so they've been sitting on thiis chair in my dining room. Now that the weather's improved and all the snow's melted, I can find a proper spot for them.

This assortment of rabbits can be found on top of the small bookshelf next to my busband's desk. With the exception of the two trinket box rabbits in the front, all were found on eBay.

The watering-can trinket box was a gift from my brother and his wife, but this one I bought for myself somewhere (and the only reason I know this is because I left the price tag on it). Surprisingly, both are made by the same company/artist, and they share a very special feature:

A little porcelain carrot inside. I really want to find more like this, but I have no idea who makes them (no marks on the boxes at all) and I forget where I got this one, so I'm going to have to keep my eyes open.

Mickey is licking my leg at the moment. He's out and about for the first time since we got home, and there's been some new changes to his routine; he goes into the hallway and the bathroom way more now than he used to. He's been in both places before, and he's allowed there with supervision, but he usually didn't bother unless there were towels or a sheet placed on the floor to cover the slippery wood. Now, he's bopping down the hall every so often and even going into the bathroom despite the lights being off. I've interrupted this post a few times now to make sure Mickey doesn't try to chew the internet cable my son has taped to the edge of his doorway and the floor and shoo him back to the dining room. I'd told my sister that if she didn't want to give Mickey access to the dining room, she could let him run around in the hallway instead, and I know she was letting him do that from the pictures she sent me, so I'm guessing it was enough to convince him that the new territory was worth exploring more often. Of course, I'm sure the fact that she'd blocked off his access to the boy's doorway helped make things even more appealing--there's nothing that wascally wabbit likes more than a challenge.

Speaking of which, there he goes again. I'd better post this and go check on him.

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