Thursday, March 4, 2010

Doctor, there's an eye in my ointment

Mickey's eyes are still a little icky, so before I leave on vacation and hand him over to my poor sister to deal with. I decided to bring him to the vet for a good once-over to make sure he's in good shape. We're very lucky that both the vets who take care of him are rabbit-savvy, but I was happy that he got to see his regular vet, Dr. Shanahan, who is the more rabbit-savvy out of the two. She checked him out and said that he's fine overall, except for what looks like a mild eye infection in both eyes. Since the Neo/Poly/Dex ointment he'd gotten before didn't do anything to relieve the infection, she's given us Terramycin ointment instead. I'm to put it in his eyes twice a day until the day we leave, so fortunately my sister won't have to deal with it.

Dr. Shanahan said that it's possible that he's having an allergic reaction to something, which I think is possible considering that the ickiness tends to be less problematic on some days than others, and his eyes haven't really gotten worse since it first started. I'm just trying to figure out what could be triggering it, because there isn't anything that he's been eating or exposed to that I can think of that I can associate with the onset of his symptoms.

At the moment, His Majesty has been treated and is having a leisurely late lunch, none the worse for the trip, although he did give the receptionist the Bunny Butt O'Snub when we got there. She said they get that a lot.

"Hmph...I'd have done a lot worse if I'd known they were planning on sticking things in me.
That thermometer was NOT pleasant."

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