Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Little Break (or while Mum's away, the bun will play)

Hello from Florida, where my family and I are enjoying some much-needed sun, fun and baseball (although it would be slightly more fun if I wasn't dealing with a particularly nasty cold at the same time, but fun nonetheless).

Now, my personal view (and I emphasize the word PERSONAL--you may not feel the same and that's okay, to each his/her own) is that pets are happiest at home where they feel the most secure; they do not need to go with you on vacation unless you are either going someplace where they feel equally comfortable and secure, unless they have proven to be very comfortable with traveling in all kinds of situations, or unless you absolutely have no other way of going on vacation because you have no one trustworthy/knowledgeable enough to watch them for you. Of course, I also say that because I am lucky enough to have an excellent set of rabbit-sitters in my sister and her boyfriend, so I know any rabbit I have will do fine while I'm gone.

All that said, though, I was still a little anxious leaving Mickey behind this year. Unlike all my previous rabbits, who didn't care who fed them or let them out for exercise as long as they were fed and let out, His Majesty is very much a "mama's bun" in some ways; he tends to generally sulk if petting isn't delivered on a daily basis, yet if there is a time where I can't hold or play with him until the following day, I get assaulted with massive amounts of face- or hand-licking when I do--almost as if he's afraid he's offended me and wants ever-so-much to apologize and make things better. What would he do if he didn't see me for 10 days? Would he think I'd abandoned him like his previous owner had done?

Fortunately, my fears have so far been for naught; my sister says he's been doing great--he hops right out to greet her when she opens his cage. She also sent me this photo via text message:
Somebunny is clearly exploring great new heights while his mum is gone.

We will be home again in less than a week; it'll be interesting to see what kind of reception I get. Will it be "YAY! Mum's home!" or "Feh, what are you doing here--where's that other person? She was WAY nicer to me than you."


Anonymous said...

When Mum had cats, she got one of each when we went away on holiday.

One of them would be all over us and so very happy to see us, the other would turn her back on us and sulk for days.

Laura Eadon said...

I know just how you feel. I think the same things (wondering if maggie would think I abandoned her). I am glad her has good sitters while you are gone and I'm glad I'm not alone in my obsessive LOVE for my furry babies.

Glad you had fun in Florida and equally glad you are home with the king of the house

The Bunns said...

Hi Guys!

Jade said...

Hi Bunns! Glad to see you all--how are RG and BL?