Friday, January 28, 2011

And now, a word from Mr. Mick

Hello, Mickey here.

I know you're used to seeing Mum's words in this space, but since she's gone and fallen asleep and left her laptop within my reach, I thought I would take the opportunity to commandeer it and do my own blogging. (I guess you can call it a LOPtop now. Bunny humor = comedy gold.)

As she's probably told you, she's gone and changed my diet--without my permission, mind you--and practically eliminated my treat supply. She's even gone and gotten rid of my favorite pellet mix because she says they've started putting too many treats into it. (Need I mention that is WHY it's my favorite pellet mix? They clearly know what we rabbits like!) Now, I ask you--how is a rabbit supposed to get through his day without a few dozen treats to keep him amused and entertained? Do I take away her sweets without asking? (If I could get into that pantry of hers, I'd certainly give it a try--all's fair in love and treats, I say. )

It's been a long and drawn-out battle. I can't go into details (don't want to give out all my secrets) but let's just say a good snubbing and some flat-out sulk had to come into play. I was also forced to abandon some dignity in the process, display an excess amount of cute and *sigh* beg, but I will say it was well worth the effort. Mum has finally agreed to allow one or two small treats at mealtime, and to add a pinch of whole oats to my new Oxbow pellets. She says that as long as it doesn't cause me any tummy issues and I don't get fat, she's fine with it, and so far it hasn't (and I am NOT fat! )

Hmmmm, I can see why Mum likes this blogging stuff. I suppose I should add some new pictures as well:

This is me getting ready to chin that boy's shoes. He HATES it when I do that--which is precisely why I do it. Let me tell you, boys are nothing but trouble sometimes. I don't know why Mum has to have him around; he makes a mess, he's lazy, and he doesn't pet me nearly as much as he should. He only thinks he's the one in charge.

Mum did some of her fancy computer stuff on these next two:

She said the originals looked a little blurry, but they looked like artwork when she fixed the color on them. I say I look good no matter what, so she didn't need to do all that much, but they did come out nice.

Anyways, all this typing has tired me out, so I think I'm gonna take a nap. If you want to hear from me more often, feel free to send me one of those email thingys; my email address is . Mum says that she'll let me post once in a while if I get enough emails.

Also, don't forget to enter Mum's giveaway . The drawing is January 31st; it's a pretty thing she made (although she wouldn't let me chew it) and if I know her, she'll probably send you a nice picture of me to go with it. How can you pass that up?

Shhhh, now let me sleep...


Karen M said...

What a cute belly you have. I think it's perfect. You should definitely thump at your Mom, and bite those shoe laces in half.

Our Mom mixes a couple of cups of "treat" food into our 5 lb. bag of Oxbow. We always eat it first. Then we wait awhile in case she gives us more before we give up and eat the Oxbow. Weasley always gives up first.

I hope you blog more. You're very cute.

SixBunnies said...

Oh, Mick! Your feet ... I can't stop staring at your wonderul, fluffy, big, perfect FEETSSSS!! And, that tummy! You Mum must be a Saint to ever let you sleep. If I saw that bunneh belleh I would have to snorgle it! You would get NO PEACE! You're too cute! Blog away, Mr. Mick; you do a wonderful job. Let Mom do it, too, though, so we get a balanced perspective of what's going on. Love you, Mick!

d. moll, said...

Dear Mr. Mick,
Continue to fight for your rights, cute is the weapon of all buns, well that and teeth and claws, but cute is the most powerful when dealing with humans. Of course we would love to enter the drawing for the lovely item, but we are having stuff trauma daily still. Your mum must be convinced that there are healthy treats and those must be given on an UNlimited ON DEMAND basis.


Michelle May said...

Mick you are such a sweetie boy and it would be soooooooooo hard not to give you lots and lots of treats. Your cuteness factor is a 10 for sure! But, your mama loves you and takes good care of you. Mama knows best after all. :)
xx, shell

The Fab Furs said...

Oxbow is healthier for buns and if you have her mix in some oats and the occasional fresh blueberry, well, it's better than a trip to the vet. Best wishes for the King of Fluff in the Year of the Rabbit. (And keep control of the loptop, too.)

Rabbits' Guy said...

The Bunns get what FabFurs says too - they would rather have endless yogurt drops and raisins and craisins but this way they don't get sick or too messy. I do tell them that if they keep practicing "cute" and "fluffy" then maybe, just maybe, there will - maybe I said - be an extra treat now and again.

I will show them how you do cute, Mickster, so they can do it good too!

Clovie Boy said...

I'd like to give that tummy a rub...

Jade said...

Now you all know what I have to put up with. The continuous onslaught of cute is wearying, I tell ya. The only thing that keeps me sticking to my guns is the prospect of daily bunny butt baths because somebunny has eaten too many treats.

Lisa said...

Mickey, your Mum knows what's best. Oxbow is really the good stuff, oats are yummy too, even in moderation, and you don't really like vets and butt baths, do you? Probably not. Jon and Mom always try to remind each other, if you keep giving them treats every time they beg, they will just keep begging, never be satisfied, until they're sick. So there's really no point to, "just one more."

Lisa said...

And PS. We would love to hear more from you, Mr. Mick.