Friday, January 14, 2011

A New Toy and a Question

One of Mickey's new toys that he got for Christmas was a BunnyIQ toy called Linnea (purchased through ). This has become his favoritest toy ever, for reasons that will become clear when you see this:

Oh yes, anything involving treats is a big winner in the Mickster's book.

He picked up on it fairly quickly; according to the instructions, you show them the treat in the dishes without the covers, then once they've grasped the concept that treats are in the dishes, you then put the covers on and let them figure it out from there. The boy decided that he was going to teach Mickey how it works. This is the result:

Now, the moment I set the toy down, there's an orange blur and those wood covers go flying. He scared himself the other night--he flung a cover into his meditation room and the sound of it hitting the cardboard walls made him jump about a mile. Made me jump, too; it sounded like he'd run into something he shouldn't.

Now for the question:
I love getting comments from everyone who reads this blog, and I really appreciate hearing from each and every one of you. I'm just not sure as to the best way to respond to the comments we get; while some commenters leave an e-mail address that I can reply to, many do not, and I'm not sure if I should post reply comments since I don't know if people actually look to see if there is a reply posted or not.

So help me out here, fellow bloggers and commenters: how do you respond to the comments you get? Do you like to get a response to your comments? What works for you?

Okay, so maybe that's three questions...

Anyway, any input you can give will be greatly appreciated. I'm also thinking of doing an occasional feature called "Mr. Mick's Mailbag" so His Majesty can give his own point of view in here once in a while, so let me know what you think of that while you're at it. Thanks much! :)


Hef's Mom said...

I love to hear back from you Jade, either by commenting on my blog or emailing me, my email should be available to you from my profile.
Mickey's toy looks fun, I have looked at ones for dogs but they are a lot of money!

Michelle May said...

Mickey is the cutest boy with his toy! Sweet!!!
I too love hearing back from you Jade, but I don't expect it from people as it can be so hard to keep up with. If someone leaves me a comment with an email to respond, I do my best to. For those that have no -reply comment, I don't worry about it as I don't have time to track them down. I do however, always reply to my favorite bun people (this means you too Emily!)
xx, shell

Clovie Boy said...

I will reply to comments on my blog if I feel it is warranted, like a thank you or if someone asks a question. I don't expect a reply to any comments I leave but sometimes I check back to see if the blogger has responded or to see what others have said. If I really wanted a response I guess I would just email the blogger.

I think you ought to try Mr. Mick's Mailbag and see what kind of response you get. Isn't blogging about creativity and having fun?

Rabbits' Guy said...

Same as above - we take them and respond as we can. I like the Mailbag idea. Save them up and answer them all at once on a special post! Eureka!

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a lovely toy!

I comment back on my blog if i think a reply is needed, I always visit people back and I'll sometimes leave answers to their specific questions on their blogs...

Malcolm Russell said...

That is just hilarious! I have to make something like that for my boys. I'm sure Augustus would get it. Not so sure about Snowdon. I think he'd starve to death first.

Jade said...

Malcolm: It's amazing what a bunny can accomplish when treats are involved. I didn't think Mickey would get it so quickly, as he tends to get confused when he can smell treats but not see them, but this worked out quite well.

Everyone: Thanks much for the input on my questions. It's very much appreciated. :)

Lisa said...

OK, I need to watch this when I get home tonight. No FlashPlayer at work.

Second, I never really expect a response back from a comment to someone's blog, although it is nice if I have a question I'm quite curious about. I don't think it's necessarily required, although it is courteous under some circumstances.

I agree with everyone else. You can't track everyone down if they don't include an email address, and maybe if they don't include their email it's for a reason. And I don't usually check back for follow up comments, although I read one blog with a "comments" feed on the sidebar, any comment that gets left on any of his posts, it goes into that bar in the order it's received. I think that's pretty cool, and the side discussion is fun.

If someone asks a question, they may check back to your blog post's comments for the answer if they don't have an email. In that case I would probably comment a response in your own post, or their blog if it's not too much trouble to find them.

You're a thoughtful person, Jade, I say use your judgment and you'll be fine :)

Lisa said...

PS. Would LOVE to hear His Majesty's musings!