Monday, January 3, 2011

The tooth and nothing but the tooth

Called the vet this morning and brought Mr. Mick in this afternoon to get his teeth checked and see what the heck is going on in his mouth. His regular vet, Dr. Shanahan, gave him a thorough exam as well. The patient was on his most charming and best behavior for her, tooth-purring with delight at all the attention he was getting.

His front teeth are fine, he may just need to get used to them being a little shorter than before. She showed me how they were lined up just right, with the lower set just touching the upper set in the back.

The substitute vet did file down what points were there on his molars, and they look good.

Mr. Mick got a clean bill of health as well.

The vet's analysis:
Mickey isn't used to the shorter teeth yet, but they will grow back and he'll adjust.

She was nice enough not to charge me for the visit, and she also said that a note would be put on the computer to do back teeth only and only do front teeth if necessary.

I brought Mickey home; upon being returned to his cage, he tore into a plate of dandelion greens like he hadn't eaten in weeks.

The bunny-mom's analysis:
Somebunny is a freaking prima donna who not only is way too fussy, but apparently has decided that he likes having his greens shredded for him far too much to go back to having to chew them up himself.

"Hmph...and what, may I ask, is wrong with
wanting a higher level of service around here?!"


Michelle May said...

Oh thank goodness! What a good boy he is and yes indeed he deserves his veggies nicely chopped and displayed on a plate. I mean I always say it's all about presentation isn't it? hee,hee,hee.
I'm glad the vet didn't charge you. They were probably freaking out a bit about the front teeth being done. At least the outcome was good and teeth grow back. Unlike mine that was prepared for a crown today and hurts like the dickens! Oy!
xx, shell
P.S. Mickey, have I told you how cute you are lately?

d. moll, said...

MR. Mick, Mr. Mick you are really had us worried for a while there, but I got to say I think your mom's analysis of the situation is correct AHEM....

SixBunnies said...

But a severe wrong was done to His Highness ... His teeth WERE bothered unnecessarily and WITHOUT anesthesia I remind you, so of course he deserves to have his veggies cut up! ... for as long as he wants to play that card. And, believe me ... a bunneh knows how to work a bunny mamma!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Probably maybe should not have told Mickey about this being the Year of the Rabbit and all quite yet. It's gonna be a long one.

Malcolm Russell said...

Glad to hear he's fine! Fussy, but fine.

Lisa said...

Silly boy, you need to eat well to keep your tummy good, even if your foods aren't cut up quite right!

Pretty cool of your vet not to charge you.

Karen M said...

So good to hear that there were no problems afterall!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Glad that everything is really okay, rabbits teeth are so troublesome and most rabbits can be prima donnas I think....