Monday, January 31, 2011

Picking A Winner

Oh, Mick?

"Yes, Mum?"

It's time for you to pick our giveaway winner.

"Do I have to? I'm pretty busy here."

Busy doing what?

"I'm fluffing up my towel for my mid-morning nap."

Your nap can wait for a minute, I just need you to pick a winner.

"But that's one minute of naptime gone. You know I need my beauty sleep."

I think you can manage, Mick. Besides, there's a treat in it for you.

"Only one treat? Honestly, is that the best you can do? I'm sacrificing sleep for this."

Fine, two treats, but that's it.

"Deal. Now let's get this over with."

"Hmmmmmph...that's a lot of papers there. I dunno if two treats are proper compensation..."

Don't push your luck, Mister.

"Fine, fine, fine..."

*grabs paper, flings it*

"Now where's my treats?"

The perils of disturbing a grumpy bunny on a Monday morning, folks.

Anyway, we have a winner, and the lovely scarf is going out to:

Donna of Lavender Rabbit Hoppenings!

Congratulations, Donna. I already have your address, so your prize will be getting out to you as soon as I can dogsled my way to the post office. We're getting another foot of snow starting sometime tomorrow, according to the weather people. That is NOT how I want to start my February.

Eskimo Jade and Nanook Mick of the North(east) signing off.


The Fab Furs said...

We see a future for Mr. Mick: game show host, home decor consultant (specialty: how to fluff a towel to perfection), sleep therapist, and negotiator (witness how the treat number went up).

Lavender Rabbit said...

EEEeeeee! Thank you Mr. Mick and Jade!! So excited to be the winner! And just in time for all our new winter weather warnings :)

d. moll, said...

Love it, LOL.

Karen M said...

Mickey's amazing. So many talents! I guess with the storms over the next couple of days, you'll just have to stay in and pamper him. I just made my prestorm grocery run: kale, redleaf lettuce, dill, carrots. And chocolate so the teenager wouldn't be too jealous of the buns!

Lisa said...

Congrats to Donna! Mickey is such a charmer, he makes quite the assistant!

Michelle May said...

Mickey you are one talented boy!!
Congratulations Donna!!! You will love your prize!!
xx, shell

Rabbits' Guy said...

Mick of many talents! You can check in on Onion news for the expose of the Weather people on TV.

It is probably actually going to be 42 and sunny tomorrow there.

Jade said...

RG: I wish you were right, but so far the weather guys have been disappointingly right all winter long. 42 and sunny would be lovely because then some of this fershlugginer snow would melt.

Annette F Tait said...

congratulations to Donna!
what a sweetie Mr Mick is! we love towel fluffers over this way :)