Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's Only January...

...and I've had enough of winter already.

We're on our third snowstorm so far, and this one's loaded with all the sleet, ice and ick that I absolutely HATE. Plans for the day have been cancelled yet again, which is probably what I hate most about winter in the first place. In order to cheer myself up and take my mind off of the white junk overloading my yard, it's time to post some bunny pics.

Mr. Mick's meditation room has found a new home, thanks to post-Christmas redecorating. He was not exactly thrilled at first with the fact that I folded in the flaps to make things look neater, but is undecided as to whether or not he should do a little bunconstruction to improve matters.

Taking a short break for a hay snack after tossing his tins around. Mickey cannot stand to see a stack of anything go unflung. The tins tend to suffer much of his wrath, possibly because they do make such a soothing clanking sound when banged on the floor. People who say rabbits do not make a sound have obviously never been in our house.

A regal pose for the masses from His Majesty, who is willing to tolerate the assault of the paparazzi on occasion because he knows it will please his faithful worshippers.

You know that you are truly crazy bunny people when you not only outfit your bunny statue in a hat and scarf for the winter, but you actually dig him out of a three-foot drift because you don't want him to be buried. (The latter was my husband's doing, actually--he was clearing snow away from around the house to protect the foundation and insisted on digging out Milo as well.)

For those who may not recall, Milo was a gift from my husband and is named for my late grandfather because Milo's outfit and his wheelbarrow remind me of him. My husband is not normally a bunny person, but he gets a huge kick out of Milo and says it's the best gift he's ever given me, so we both tend to treat it a little differently. Yes, I actually made that scarf and hat for him, and I must say he looks darn cute in it.

Speaking of scarves, don't forget to go here and post a comment so you can be entered in my giveaway. Deadline is January 31st--and followers get an extra entry as well, so make sure you click on the "follow" button while you're at it.

Somebunny is jingling his toy keys, which means it's time to end this and go tend to His Majesty. Have a great day, people--and stay warm!


Hef's Mom said...

We had a warmup today! All of 36 degrees, really its a big change from the 6 degrees yesterday, crazy. Stay inside, stay warm, and winter can end asap.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Tins are for flingin' Boxes for chewin'

Statues for dressin' Snow is for doin'

CGP would be so proud of my poetry!

Mickey looks great and regal for sure.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Excellent poetry RG!

Mickey is so lucky to have that lovely meditation room. And all those toys to throw around...

Karen M said...

It must be so funny to watch Mickey crash those tins around. What a personality!

Annette F Tait said...

what a very handsome fluff ball Mr Mick is!! (hope he doesn't mind the term fluff ball?)
and nice to see your rabbit has the appropriate outdoor wear on :)

Lisa said...

I'm with ya with this snow. It's been two storms a week. Never seen anything like it.

Hehehehe. He cracks me up. Such a perfect spot for his meditation room, although, as we know, if it's in a good spot (out of the way, incorporated into the room and not obstructing it), it's so much less appealing.

His Majesty is so Magnanimous.

Kate said...

Yah I must agree... the snow is great but I also had enough. My bunnies don’t even feel like going out their rabbit hutch because of the cold weather. Anyway, there is always a way to escape it right? And that is to burrow.