Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Because Mum is slacking off yet again...

...I have to do her job for her--again.  Honestly, Mum, is this really all that hard?

Here's what I've been up to lately; back on the 17th, Mum and I went back to our local Petco to do an education event for the House Rabbit Connection, teaching people why rabbits make great pets, but not great Easter gifts.

I had my usual swanky digs, although Mum wouldn't let me hide in my tunnel like she did last time...

...so I took refuge in my litterbox when I wanted a break (or needed a snack):

This time, I was sharing the spotlight with a pair of lovely ladies:

Reina the lionhead and Reese the Rex. Nice girls, they knew how to rock the sister act...

...especially in their litterbox.

Needless to say, the event was a success. Everyone oohed and aahed over us. One of the local newspapers sent a reporter and a photographer to take our pictures and write about us. Mum talked to a lot of people and I got lots and lots of petting.

It was a great day...except for one little thing. When the newspaper article came out, it had three pictures in it--and not one of them was of me! Not one!

Now I ask you--how does not including this face sell papers?!

I wouldn't be so miffed if the same thing hadn't happened last month with the Rabbit Rally. A very nice lady   wrote a very nice article in one of the other local papers about the Rally, but there were no pictures of me in it. (There was one picture identified as me, but it wasn't me.)

Now, I don't blame the nice lady because I know she took a lot of pictures of me, and I don't blame the photographer who took the other pictures because I know she took pictures of me--but there's a couple of newspaper editors who are going to get poop in their shoes if I have anything to say about it. Humph.

Ok, I'm feeling better now. A snack always helps.

Anyway, Mum did take a lot of pics of me--and the girls, too. You can see them here.

One more thing--I want to wish a very Hoppy Birthday to my beloved Auntie Shell . Her birthday is March 27 (which should be today if this posts at the right time). Auntie Shell, Mum and I sent you a birthday gift with the help of the Lavender Rabbits . We hope you like it! Have the bestest birthday ever!

Sending you nose bonks and bunny kisses,
your nephew Mickey

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Because I must have the nice things

I went on a Lavender Rabbit spending spree a week or so ago as a blogiversary gift to myself (and because I do believe that one cannot have enough jewelry, pocketbooks or bunnehs) and have finally gotten around to  taking pictures of all my new goodies.

First of all, let me tell you that when you order stuff from Donna, it is like Christmas or your birthday every day of the year. She packages everything up so nicely, and always includes a sweet card--and of course, Mr. Mick gets a giftie or two as well.

*happy bunny dance*

There is much *squee*-ing and ribbon-untying and box-opening, which leads to more *squee*-ing, since Donna also included some unexpected gifts as well. Let's start with the bunny stuff:

To. DIE. For.
How awesomely Alice In Wonderland is that?

I'm sure you've seen this adorable watch before; Donna offered this in one of her giveaways, and while I didn't win said giveaway, I let Donna know that I wanted one if she had any more to sell. Now, I finally have it. 

Dutchie says, "Buy me right NOW". Yes, sir! 

A Dutchie necklace, for when I feel like flashing some serious bunnitude. I just love the birdies (they're either swifts or swallows, I'm not sure). The earrings were a surprise gift, as were the ones with the next piece:

Heeeeere, fishie, fishie, fishie...

Everyone knows me as the "crazy bunny lady", but I'm also into tropical fish as well, so when I saw this koi necklace I just had to have it. Donna's also gotten me hooked (no pun intended) on her memory wire bracelets; they are just so pretty and sparkly. 

Last but not least:

I'd like to be...under the sea...
in an octopus' garden...in the shade.

I am not normally a fan of the color pink, but it just looks so right on this piece. You don't necessarily realize it's an octopus at first (although I did) because the swirling tentacles form such a lovely shape. This picture truly does it no justice, it is absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much, Donna!

"Did I hear something about 'gifts for Mick'? 
You'd better not be holding out on me, Mum..."