Sunday, September 30, 2012

Still Here...

Putting up a quick post so I can say I posted in September...

Mr. Mick and I are both doing well, although Mick has had some issues with one of his eyes, so I've spent the week putting eye ointment in both eyes. He's been surprisingly good about this, although at this point we're both sick of it. Two more doses and we're done, though. There's just not enough time to write about the general craziness that's been my days lately--good crazy, but too crazy for me to find words for. The brain hasn't even been able to find the words to post comments to the bunny blogs of my friends; I have been lurking and enjoying (and "liking" on Facebook as much as I can), but words just haven't been able to find their way from brain to fingers.

Here's a clip of Mick that I posted to YouTube last night; somebunny managed to find his way into my computer chair in the short time that it took for me to make my way from the kitchen to the dining room/office. Getting down from the chair, however, was a different matter:

You can see the greasiness of the eye ointment around his eyes and on his cheeks. His Majesty does not approve of his diminished appearance whatsoever, so once we're done with his treatment, I have to figure out how to clean all that off of him.

Hubby and I will be going to visit the boy down in Maryland for Parents' Weekend in a couple of weeks. Even though we've been more or less in constant contact through text, email and phone, it'll be nice to actually see him in person. Hopefully, I'll have time to post again before then.