Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Post of 2011

And so we come to the end of 2011--good gawd, where did the time go?

Mr. Mick has adjusted to the invasion of his exercise space by our Christmas tree--although the little bugger gave me a fright the other night. He managed to wiggle his fluffy butt into one tiny gap not blocked off by the x-pen fence. Next thing I know, I look up and he's inside the fence and sniffing at the tree stand...which has the preservative-loaded water in it. Cue the heart failure and much hollering on my part as I rushed over to get him out before he decided to try a sip. He gave me a look like, "What are you yelling at me for? I just wanted to check this thing out!" I fixed the gap problem, and thank gawd he didn't nip any cords, either.

A few pics to bring the year to a close:

Nose rubs make for happy bunnehs.

Mick will park his chin on my leg and just stay there
while I rub his nose. When I do, he will lick my knee long enough 
to actually leave a wet spot on my pants.

Avoiding the paparazzi.

The stepstool is Mick's new favorite hidey-hole. He will go under there when he wants to be left alone. 

Getting ready for...

...a nice nap.

Woke up long switch sides. 

Came out to have a few treats
(this was snapped while he was chewing)

Decided to finish his snack over by his litterbox.

Another pose for the fans, and then...

...back to his spot. 

Mick and I wish everyone and everybun a most Happy and Healthy New Year. May 2012 bring you all countless blessings each and every day. Thank you for visiting our little blog, and we hope you'll be back next year as well...and bring treats. (You know who wrote that part.)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Tree Bunnies

FINALLY got our tree up and decorated for this year! Hubby has not been a very cooperative tree-fetcher these past few years (I think it's part of his campaign to switch to an artificial tree--so he won't have to help with any of the process. Silly him--not happening.), but once I told him that if there was no tree forthcoming, he was going to get put in a tree stand and decorated with lights and ornaments, he finally got himself in gear.

Not all of my ornaments are rabbit-related, but I do have quite a few bunnies on my tree. All but one or two, I have bought over the years at our local nursery (they do the BEST Christmas displays, they even have an upside-down tree!):

(This one is one of my favorites; it's supposed to be a metal bunny mold,
like the ones used to make chocolate bunnies way back when.)

These two pics (above and below) 
are actually the same ornament--it's two-sided. 
I used to have two of them so I could show both sides,
but one of them broke last year. 
I was so upset because the artist no longer makes them, so I can't replace it.
This is the side I chose to display this year.

I *squee*-d so loud when I saw this ornament;
I ADORE Beatrix Potter bunnies. 

The only rabbit you will not find on our tree?

"Hmph...Unless I can nibble on it, I want no part of it. 
Call me when Santa brings my treats..."

The reason for somebunny's discontent:

It's not that he can't nibble the tree; we just don't want him nibbling the cords. Also, we use a tree preservative in the water so the tree lasts longer and we don't want him possibly drinking it. His Majesty is lucky he gets to be in the same room with the tree this year--in the past, we've had to block off the room altogether. I was originally going to put up and take down the x-pen fence as needed, but since the grandbabies may be visiting at some point (and we don't want them getting at the tree, either) I decided to just leave it up.

Here's the un-bunnyproofed version:

Note: I'm going to have to update these tree pics post-Christmas--we've had to replace the star and we've added some more ornaments.

Mr. Mick and I wish everyone and everybun a blessed and joyous holiday season, no matter what holiday you choose to celebrate. Treats for everybun, and nose bonks and bunny kisses to all!

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Wearable Mr. Mick

Today did not start on a good note; Mick needed a trip to the vet's because he was not eating and not behaving normally. The vet did x-rays and poked and prodded, but could not find anything obviously wrong; the prevalent theory is that Mick had a bad reaction to the introduction of arugula to his diet (this was the third time he had eaten it, and while he likes it a lot, it doesn't appear to like him so much). He is doing much better now, so thankfully I should be able to call the vet tomorrow and report that a follow-up visit is not necessary.

However, on the bright side, I received a special and much-anticipated package in the mail today. As I posted here back in October, Donna of Lavender Rabbit Hoppenings had surprised me with a lovely necklace featuring Mr. Mick. I contacted her not long after that and asked her if she could make me some matching earrings. I had also noticed a lovely stretch bracelet with bunny pictures in her Etsy shop, and asked her if she could make one like it, but with pictures of Mick.

The earrings arrived first:
I am snagging the pic Donna sent me to show them off,
since she takes way better pictures than I do.

Aren't they gorgeous?! There was all kinds of *squee*-ing when I opened the box, especially when it turned out that Donna had included yet another surprise:

Now you see why I used Donna's photo before--
my camera no like close-up shots so much.

...a cute little matching adjustable ring. To. Die. For.

The bracelet took a little longer; there were many emails back and forth between Donna and myself, with pictures galore, until we got it all fine-tuned. I was so excited when I saw the package in the mailbox, I immediately had to rip it open:

The pctures DO NOT do it justice, people.

There are 8 pictures in all; more cute than jewelry should be allowed. :)

I immediately had to put it on and wear it to the vet's so I could show it off, and I have only taken it off since to take the pictures.

(Note: I really wear them on my right hand; 
I had to move them to my left hand so I could take this picture.)

Thank you SO much, Donna--it is absolutely perfect!

One quick final note: I will be mailing out the Mickey holiday cards this week, any future vet trips not withstanding, so if you want one and haven't sent me your mailing address yet, be sure to email me and let me know. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Would anybunny like a Christmas/holiday card?

You know that if this was a real hat,
there'd be some lethal disapproval going on...

Hi all,
Just a quick post--while ordering Christmas cards for this year, I decided to order some featuring Mickey for all our bunny-loving friends and faithful blog readers, so if anyone would like a card from me and Mr. Mick for the holiday season, please email me at and let me know what your mailing address is (if I don't already have it) and I will send you one.  

Hugs and much love,
Jade :)