Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mr. Mick's Thanksgiving List

Hey all, Mickey here.

What is it with you humans and cleaning things?! I could have sworn Mum just cleaned my cage not all that long ago, and here she is cleaning it AGAIN! She says she's making sure everything looks good for Thanksgiving, because there are people coming over. It's just her mom and some of her littermates, and they've seen the house not-clean before, what's the big deal, I say?

That's when I ended up in the carrier. Hmph.

Mum says this Thanksgiving thing you humans do involves being grateful for all the good things we have, so since I was stuck in the carrier for a while, I decided to make a list of all the things I am grateful for:

1. Having a Mum who loves me.

2. Having a nice cage to live in.
(Having it cleaned, on the other hand...)

3. Having lots of good food to eat, like kale, and dandelion greens, and treats...mmmm, treats...

4. Having a nice comfy throne to lounge on.
(Having The Boy taking my picture
when I'm trying to take a nap...not so much.)

5. Having fun things to play with; toys, boxes, tunnels, The Boy's shoes...

And last, but not least...

6. Having nice people like you reading this blog
and saying nice things about me.
Warms my fuzzy little heart, it does.

Mum and I wish everyone and everybun a Happy Thanksgiving (and if you happen to live someplace that doesn't have Thanksgiving, have a really nice Thursday, ok?).

Sunday, November 20, 2011

'tis better to give than receive

...but getting stuff is all kinds of fun, too--especially when it's an unexpected gift.

A couple of weeks ago, my dear friend (and Mick's beloved Auntie) Shell of The Raspberry Rabbits put up this post about some lovely rabbit-themed trinkets she had recently purchased. One of these trinkets was a lovely little ceramic basket in white and green with a bunny perched on the handle. I immediately recognized the pattern as being Bunny Toile, a pattern I have been semi-collecting (I have three pieces, but as it tends to be expensive, I have not expanded my collection yet), and commented (with tongue firmly in cheek) that I was a little jealous that she had found such a precious piece that I had not known existed (I've only seen Bunny Toile in kitchen items, such as plates, platters, bowls, etc.) and would have loved to have gotten for myself.

I should have known...

This past Thursday, a package from Shell arrives in the mail. I was completely surprised, as I was the one who was supposed to be sending her stuff (she was one of our calendar winners, plus I was sending her a gift myself).

What was inside?


Also, a lovely card featuring two of the most adorable assistants anyone could want...

...wishing me an early Happy Birthday. Honestly, the *squee*-ing was just non-stop, people.

When I emailed Shell to thank her and "oh, you shouldn't have" her, she confessed that the post was her sneaky way of getting me to tell her which one I liked so she could send it to me for my birthday. (She knows me far too well; I am one opinionated wench--she knew I wouldn't be able to resist saying something.)

Thank you a million times over, Shell *hugs*--this little sweetie will be sitting on my vanity and holding my earrings after I've worn them (that is, until my lazy butt gets around to putting them back on my earrings rack...I am so bad about that).

Monday, November 14, 2011

Calendar Giveaway Winners

"There's some very lucky people out there today--
they get to have me in their homes without me shedding on them."

Yes, it's time to announce the winners of our calendar giveaway. For once, Mr. Mick did not pick the names, as having to pick seven names required far too much compensation (to begin with, we can't afford a private jet, never mind the cost of keeping it regularly stocked with kale and papaya bits) , so the winners were chosen through's number generator.

And the winners (in no particular order) are:

1. Juliet, our favorite Crafty Green Poet

2. The lovely Abigail Emily

3. Mr. Mick's beloved Auntie Shell of The Raspberry Rabbits

4. Lisa of Little Bun in the Big City ; law student and bun-mom extraordinaire.

5. d. moll of The Qi Papers ; artist, chi-manipulator, 4(or 5)Buns wrangler.

6. Emily aka Hef's Mom; lover of bunnies, German Shepherds and cooking at The Bunny Lounge 

7. My dear friend Lesley B, who has no blog for me to link that I know of (but if she ever does, I will link the bejeezus out of it)

Congratulations, all of you! Please email me at with your mailing address (if I don't already have it), so I can get your prize out to you ASAP.

Everybody else, go visit their blogs and check them out (if you haven't already).

"Hmph...'unreasonable demands', my fluffy butt!
All I want is to be able to travel in style and comfort,
is that so much to ask?"

Note from Jade: Apparently I am an idiot--the giveaway was supposed to end on the 15th, and I thought today was the 15th. It's not; it's actually the 14th, which I didn't realize until about 5 minutes ago. Doesn't really change anything...but considering that this was a CALENDAR giveaway, I feel especially stupid...and the chuckling noise coming from the direction of the rabbit cage isn't helping at all...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Announcing the Zen of Bun "Mr. November" Giveaway

Boy, am I cutting this close--I said I would announce this on Nov. 1st and I'm getting it in with minutes to spare here on the East Coast.

As I mentioned here, Mr. Mick won a coveted spot in the 2012 calendar. The calendar came out last month, and it is just chock-full of adorableness. His Majesty is one of the buns chosen for the November page, and since my birthday is in November as well, it makes November a doubly-special month. To me, that much special deserves to be shared, so here's what we're going to do:

I have not one, not two, but SEVEN copies of the 2012 Bunspace calendar--one for each of seven lucky people. Each calendar will come with an "autographed" photo of Mickey as well.

To enter, you can do one (or more) of three things:

1. Leave a comment on this post (and if you follow this blog, you get an extra entry)
2. Like or comment on the Facebook link  to this post
3. Send a tweet to me (@jademyst) and let me know that you want to enter the giveaway.

That's a potential of four entries per person if you're really wanting a calendar.
Deadline is November 15th; the winners will be announced here at the blog.
Good luck, people!

"Come on, who wouldn't want to have me
in their home for an entire year?"