Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mr. Mick makes some picks

Hey all, Mickey here.

It looks like we're a day late and a carrot short around here, as always. It seems yesterday was a special day of sorts; on that day, three years ago, Mum started this foo' blog in order to let everyone know just what a spectacular rabbit I am ...and to tell people her rabbit stories and show off her rabbit stuff, but no one really reads all that.  

Because of this special day, we had a contest, and Mum was supposed to be announcing the winners of said contest yesterday. As you can see, nothing happened yesterday, and so I am forced as always to take matters into my own paws myself. Mum has no one but herself to blame for this, which is a sad thing, really (Frankly, I would love to blame The Boy for all this, but he's not around.)--she says she had a bit of a mental fogout, just couldn't get anything done on the computer. Of course we all know that's human-speak for "impending senility", but we'll let it slide just this once.

Apparently I was supposed to choose three winners for this contest by picking slips of paper out of a box or something like that. I told Mum I was doing nothing of the sort; why should I have to go to all that work when I can just get on the computer and use a random number thingie? (Besides, she wasn't giving me nearly enough compensation for the task. A few dozen treats was all I asked for--is that so hard to do?) 

Mum finally agreed, and so picks were made; there were 13 people in all who entered the contest, and I personally want to thank everyone who entered. It does my fuzzy heart good to know how much I am loved.

The winners of our Candle Giveaway are:

1. Juliet of Crafty Green Poet
2. Friend of the Animals of Life with Reno Rabbits
3. SixBunnies of ... (dangit, SixBunnies, you should have a blog!)

Congratulations! Please email Mum at and let her know your mailing address so she can have your candle shipped to you. Also, please let her know what kind of candle you would like; the ones with the picture of me are Cotton Fields-scented, but there are other scents available as well as unscented--they just don't have my picture on them.

Now, it's time for my nap, so come back again another time--Mum still has to tell you all about our appearance at Petco this year...assuming she still remembers it...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hoppy Valentine's Day and a Giveaway!

Hoppy Valentine's Day to everyone and everybun from me and Mr. Mick (who says that he is available for hugs, smooches and pets for anyone who doesn't already have a Valentine this year).

Hubby and I tend to keep things low-key for Valentine's Day; our gifts to each other usually involve a trip to our local chocolate shop, Catherine's Chocolates, for sinfully yummy goodies. Mr. Mick gets goodies year-round, so his treat this year is some particularly nice dill mixed in with his usual baby romaine (the local grocery store had some really good produce for once).

Another celebration coming up soon is our blogiversary; as of February 25, we'll have been (hopefully) entertaining you for three years. In honor of this momentous occasion, we are having a giveaway!

As some of you may know, Mick and I have been very involved with the House Rabbit Connection, which is the MA & CT chapter of the House Rabbit Society. Recently, HRC has been partnering with Charity Wicks to offer candles for sale with a portion of the proceeds to benefit HRC. These candles are soy-based, come in an assortment of scents (including unscented) and have pictures of adorable HRC rabbits who have found homes--and one unofficial HRC spokesbun:

Yes, that is Mr. Mick in his blue scarf--and his scent is (get this)...Cotton Fields! How funny is that?

Now, since this is going to be our 3rd blogiversary, it only makes sense that we will be giving away three candles--one to each of three people. The winners will each get to choose what candle they want; you can choose a Mr. Mick candle, or you can choose one of the other scents available (which have other adorable buns on them). To see the available choices, you can go to the HRC Charity Wicks page and check them out. 

To enter the contest, simply leave a comment here, or you can email me at with the subject line "Candle Giveaway" and let me know that you want to enter the giveaway. Mick will be choosing the winners on our blogiversary, February 25, 2013. Good luck, everybun!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Battening down the hatches (again)

Hey! It's us!

Taken with my crappy cell phone, btw.

Yes, we are fine, although Mr. Mick is currently getting icky ointment put in his eyes in the hopes of relieving the mild leakiness that has been going on. I keep telling his vet that all that stuff does is make his fur greasy, but I'm giving it one more shot and then after that, I'm going with some herbal tea washes instead to see if that makes things any better without all the grease. 

You can see a little of the greasiness here, 
although I actually tried to keep it from showing for picture purposes.

He'll be done with the ointment on Monday, which is good because we have another public appearance coming up. If you live in the western MA area, we will be at the Petco in Pittsfield, MA on Sunday, February 17th from 2pm to either 4 or 5pm to spread the good word about rabbits and rabbit care and encourage people to adopt rabbits from shelters and rescues (and to learn about rabbits before adopting them, too). Of course, this is all "weather permitting", since Mother Nature keeps tossing all this stupid snow in our direction. 

"Don't care about no snow--as long as I've got enough oats and hay cookies to eat
and furry thrones to snuggle on, I'm all set."

We're supposed to get well over a foot of the junk over the next 24 hours, which completely messes up our plans for tonight. As long as the power stays on and I have internet, though, I can deal with it. Otherwise, it's gonna get mighty ugly.