Sunday, October 28, 2012

Picking up the slack...

Hey all, Mickey here.

Time for me to save Mum's slacker butt again--honestly, is it all that hard to keep people informed as to what I'm doing? I swear, if it wasn't for the fact that she's been helping other rabbits find homes, I'd find myself a new slave in a heartbeat. 

Let's see, what's been going on here? Well, a couple of weeks ago, Mum and The Big Guy left me with the Alternate Slave while they went to visit The Boy off at college. Of course, I had to put Alternate Slave through her paces right off the bat--I snuck into Mum's room when AS left the door open and hid where she couldn't find me. She was smart, though; she got out the oats and we negotiated a truce. After that, we were just fine.

Fortunately, Mum didn't bring The Boy home with her when she came back, although she says he'll be coming home in three weeks for the Thanksgiving weekend (and for this I'm supposed to be "giving thanks"? Feh, I'll poop in his travel bag.)

Otherwise, it's been quiet...well, quiet for me, anyway. Mum's been running around like a bunneh doing the 500--always chasing her tail. I don't mind as long as she feeds me on time. 

While Mum's been distracted, I've been busy visiting my pal Speedy and having fun. You can read about some of our adventures on my furry godmother Lorna's blog. I miss having adventures with my old friend Weasley since he crossed the Bridge, but Speedy's a great pal and I know I'll see Weasley again someday. Knowing Weasley, he's already recruited Ginny, HefBella and all the other Bridge buns for wild and crazy adventures. 

Speaking of Speedy, he was nice enough to nominate me for some Super Sweet Blogging Award--personally, I'm guessing it's some kind of prank, as there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING "super sweet" about me (I can hear you laughing, Mum--stop it!), but I will be a good sport and play the game. 

Let's see...I'm supposed to answer some questions first:
1: Cookies or cake? Mum says both. I say both, too--banana hay cookies and banana hay cupcakes.
2: Chocolate or Vanilla? Mum says chocolate, I say banana. 
3:Favourite sweet treat? Need you ask? Banana-flavored anything. 
4: When do you crave sweet things? When DON'T I crave sweet things?
5: If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? I don't have a sweet nickname because I'M NOT SWEET, but Mum calls me Mr. Mick, Foo' Wabbit and His Majesty.

Now I'm supposed to nominate somebunny as well. Okay, here goes:

My furry godmother, Lorna, at Fuzzy Creatures
My beloved Auntie Shell (and cousins Harrington and Hannah) at The Raspberry Rabbits
The Lavender Rabbits (and their mum) at Lavender Rabbit Hoppenings
4Buns +1 (and their mum) at The Qi Papers
Weasley's mum at Rabbits Eat Quilts
and Wesley and his mum and all the hares at The Leveret's Nest 

Again, I am NOT a "super sweet" bun--I am a cunning and wily rabbit who only pretends to be cute and cuddly so he can achieve his goal of world domination!

Honestly, does this look like a "super sweet" rabbit to you?!

Oops, wait--wrong picture. How about this one?

Dangit, not that one, either...

*sigh* Never mind, just take my word for it--okay?

Oh, one last thing; there's supposed to be a stupid hurricane headed this way. Mum has made sure that I have plenty of food, hay and water just in case, so don't worry about me. She made sure that The Boy is going to be safe and sound at school, too (he's going to get the storm before we do, so I suppose there's some comfort in that). Mum and I will be thinking good thoughts for my fellow rabbits and their humans who will be dealing with this as well. Hopefully, everyone and everybun will get through this safe and sound.

Words to live by, people. See you later!