Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy (Belated) Blogiversary to Us!

My calendar skills have failed me yet again.

A while back, I was looking through some old posts and realized that it was coming up on two years since I first posted in this blog. I immediately wrote down the date on my calendar and made plans to put up a post to celebrate. Today, I sat down here, clicked on that post--and realized that I had written down the wrong date. Yesterday was our blogiversary.

*cue the snickering noises coming from the direction of somebunny's cage*

Oh, well...

Anyway, in honor of this supposedly momentous occasion, and inspired by d.moll and her Analog skills, I went into my photo archives, opened up my handy-dandy Paint Shop Pro, and had some fun:

...from humble beginnings, a legend was born...

...who knew that such a shy and sweet bun would 
become a superstar?

...even at a young age, it was clear that this one
was something special...

... as his star grew, he still managed to stay 
as humble and lovable as ever...

...and even now, his fame has yet to peak, 
his potential is still untapped. Who knows--


"Yes, mum?"

Who told you that you could rewrite my captions?!

"Well, yours were really boring--and our loyal readers deserve to be entertained for once."

*sigh* We'll discuss this later, mister. Let's just finish up--and no more shenanigans!

"Fine, fine, fine...hmph, the thanks I get for wanting to do things properly around here..."

Thanks much to everyone who has read, commented, linked, followed and enjoyed our blog. Mr. Mick and I hope that you have had as much fun with us as we have with you, and we hope that we continue to entertain you for many more years to come. 

Hugs, nose bonks, bunny kisses and much love,

Jade and Mickey

"Excuse me, shouldn't that be 'Mickey and Jade'? After all, I am the reason they all come here, y'know..."

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our Weekend at Petco

This past weekend, Mr. Mick and I participated in a Rabbit Rally at the local Petco. We were there representing the House Rabbit Connection (a chapter of the House Rabbit Society representing MA and CT), along with two other volunteers. This was our first public event, so both of us were a little nervous, but it went very well and hopefully we were able to educate a lot of people about rabbits as housepets and encourage those who were interested in getting a rabbit to adopt from a shelter or rescue.

Mr. Mick inspects his temporary digs on Day 1

The first day was a little unnerving for both of us. While I knew that Petco allows people to bring their pets into the store while they shop, I didn't realize just how many people choose to do that--and how many owners of LOUD and YAPPY dogs like to shop at Petco on a Saturday. Fortunately, we ended up positioned to the side of the entrance instead of in front of it--not so fortunate in that fewer people noticed us, but fortunate in that none of the yappy dogs and their owners noticed we were there, so Mick and his fellow rabbit volunteers were not as stressed about it. 

"Wake me when that damn cocker spaniel is gone."

Along with Mick on Day 1 were two other rabbits:

"I hear you folks like Spots--do you know that dreamboat, Tyler?"

Punkin Pie, the English Spot, and Grady, the Dutch.

"I'm a lover, not a fighter...but if that dog gets any closer, I'm gonna kick some tail!"

Their mom, Mary, made some wonderful posters for us to display:

The Petco staff were super-nice, and they were so interested in the rabbits. They were always coming over to us to pet the buns and tell us about the rabbits they had owned in the past and ask questions about rabbits. One young man told me that Mick was the first rabbit he had ever petted in his life. 

"Of course, you know they all came here to see me. 
I AM a superstar, after all."

Day 2 went even better--not only were all the yappy dogs gone, but we were stationed right at the entrance, so everyone could see us. 

Mick had two new bunny volunteers to work with this time (volunteer Mary has six rabbits in total; three bonded pairs) :

"Who cares about Tyler? I want to meet Sydney!"

Little Boy (another Spot) and Espresso (or Essie, for short--a lovely black bun of unknown breed). Unfortunately, Essie was a bit shy, so I didn't get  any really good pics of her:

"Come on out, honey--don't be shy!" 
(yes, Essie was in the house)

You can barely see Essie's head peeking out from behind the house on the right.

Getting acquainted with the neighbors

We gave out a bunch of rabbit care guides and other rabbit info, and talked to a LOT of fellow rabbit lovers. We ended up staying an hour past our allotted time because we were having so much fun meeting people. It was exhausting, but all kinds of fun. We may even end up doing it again next month, depending on the scheduling. (These are only a portion of the pictures I took; if you would like to see all of them, click here .) 

Friday, February 17, 2012

New Stuff, Exciting Stuff, All Kinds of Stuff!

With all of Mr. Mick's shenanigans, I haven't had much time to report on the usual goings-on here, so this is where I play catch-up.

I got some awesome new stuff recently--first, a new t-shirt featuring that suave and sophisticated ladies' bun from the West Coast, Tyler:

The only way this shirt could be more awesome
is if it said, "Helllllllllo, ladies!" 

Then there's the adorable tote bag I won in the Rabbit Slippers giveaway:

Just too cute for words. 

They've got another contest going on now, so be sure to stop over there and check it out.

I'll definitely be needing the tote this weekend. Mr. Mick and I are going to be doing our first educational event for the House Rabbit Connection this Saturday and Sunday (Feb. 18th and 19th) from 11am to 2pm at the Petco store on Merrill Road in Pittsfield, MA, so if you're in the area, feel free to stop by and say hi. I'm hoping to bring Mick both days, but it will all depend on how Saturday goes for him. I will definitely be taking pictures (and video if possible), so you'll get to see how it went. 

In other news, I have been very busy working on crochet projects. Right now, I have two going at once: a baby blanket for a relative, and a throw that will be a housewarming gift for friends. I will post pictures when I'm done; I would post a sneak-peek, but there is the possibility that the recipients might see them and I want them to be a surprise. 

Instead, here's a few pictures of my last completed project, a throw/lap blanket I made for Mick's beloved Auntie Shell of The Raspberry Rabbits

I had made Shell a scarf as a Christmas gift, and she liked it so much, she asked for a throw out of the same yarn, which is Plymouth Yarn's Baby Alpaca Brush. It's soft and fuzzy and very snuggy, according to Shell. The great thing about making throws this time of year is that they keep you warm while you're making them. 

That's all for now, I think. I need to get all His Majesty's stuff together for the trip to Petco tomorrow. Wish us luck! 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Under House Arrest

Hey all, Mickey here--

Well, we made it home from our Super Bowl adventure in one piece, although I probably should have stayed in Indianapolis considering the reception I got at home. The Big Guy and The Boy were looking to make hasenpfeffer out of me for taking their stuff, and Mum was still mad about the Patriots losing (and The Big Guy celebrating his Giants winning for three days straight didn't help matters there--I thought she was going to make stew out of him if he'd kept it up much longer). I tried to make amends, but it didn't go all that well. I gave The Boy his stuff back, but I forgot to reprogram his iPod with his crappy music and he got miffed. I gave him one of my water bottles to make up for the one of his that we lost, but he didn't like that, either. I even got The Big Guy a new lawnmower (better even than his old one that we lost) but then Gronk showed up and I had to give it back. (Dude, it's not my fault you were being so generous with your credit card after the game--I didn't make you drink all those carrot brews...)

Anyhow, it's all over. Things are back to normal now, and I have promised Mum that I will be a good bun and not get into any more trouble...

...of course, I may have neglected to mention that Weasley's been talking about hooking up with our friend Wesley and going to the Olympics in London. Oh, well, why get her all upset now?

(Note from Jade: Mickey's Super Bowl adventure came to you courtesy of Karen of Rabbits Eat Quilts, who came up with a lovely little tale of Weasley going to the Super Bowl--only to have me take off and run with it. Had she known what she would have gotten into by including Mick in Weasley's story, I wonder if she might have reconsidered. As I told her, she is the Brady to my Gronk, and deserves all the accolades if you enjoyed it. We now return you to our regularly scheduled Z of B. ) 

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Real Halftime Show

Hey all, Mickey here--

If you haven't already read Weasley's account of what happened at the game, you should. Basically, we got bored in Mr. Kraft's special box (which wasn't anywhere near as special as he made it out to be--no good hay, no kale, no carrotinis, not even a proper throne to sit on!) and wandered around a bit. Biff and I found some decent seats, Harrington made friends with the cheerleaders, and the old man got himself dropkicked for a field goal--and that was just the first half!

All of a sudden, the place went pitch black! There were people running around everywhere, and all this stuff was being dragged onto the field. Being rabbits, we got curious and had to investigate, even though it was really hard to see what was happening. There was all kinds of noise and chaos; it was hard to figure out what was going on.

Next thing I know, the lights come back on, and:

Harrington's part of the halftime show!

(I don't think he liked this part much...)

Of course, we couldn't let him have all the spotlight...

(I thought she was going to sit on me for a second...whooo, scary...)

(Madonna said we were the best backup dancers she's ever had.)

Of course, the next thing I know, we're all scooped up and brought back to Mr. Kraft's box. It wasn't a fun place to be, especially when the Patriots ended up losing. (Biff doing a Victor Cruz-style victory salsa dance didn't help matters, either.) Security was called, and you know what happens next...

So at the moment, we're in the pen. I tried calling Mum to see if she could help, but The Big Guy answered the phone and said she was busy putting her fists through a wall and saying bad, bad things, so I knew she wasn't going to be very helpful. Weasley and Biff said they'd see what their mums could do, so hopefully we'll be able to get back home soon. If not, does anybun know a good lawyer?

Friday, February 3, 2012

We're In!

Hey all, Mickey here:

As you may have heard from my pal Weasley. we had a little trouble at first getting Super Bowl tickets. That problem has been solved, and here's how we did it:

See, I knew the best way to get to see the Super Bowl was to get a pass from one of the players. The question was, how do we get in to see the players?

I knew Mum would have the answer, so I gave her a call on The Big Guy's cell phone (I would have taken The Boy's, but he always keeps it on him. The Big Guy never uses his phone.) Mum said the only way we might get to see the players is if we could somehow sneak in to where they were giving interviews to everybody, something called Media Day.

I did some asking around and found out where this Media Day thing was, and we went over there--just in time, too, because who did we meet there?


Wow, is he huge! He noticed us right away, and asked us what we were doing there. When we told him we wanted to see the Super Bowl, he said he could hook us up no problem. 

That Gronk is such a nice guy, he even let us get interviewed with him. 

Of course, after that, we were the main event of Media Day. Everyone wanted to hang out with us...

Suddenly, the owner of the Patriots showed up. 

He declared us the Official Super Bowl rabbits, and said we would be sitting with him in his special owner's box. We all approved of that idea. I hope it's bigger than Weasley's box--no offense, my friend, but those have been some really tight quarters. A bun hardly has room to do his business in there. 

Anyway, it looks like we're all set. Can't wait for Sunday!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Postcards from the Box

Dear Mum:
         Well, we're on the road to NYC. Thanks for packing up the treats for me and Weasley. Tell The Boy I'll be careful with his GP-whatzit directions thingie...and his iPod...and his credit card. You might have to get him a new water bottle, though; I think we left it behind at the rest stop. 
Love, Mickey

Dear Mum: 
        Writing this from Biff and Sogna's before we head out. They have some very nice humans; Lisa is packing up more treats for us, and Jon is helping me reprogram the iPod (tell The Boy he has lousy taste in music). Looks like Sogna is coming along as well. I don't mind--the more, the long as she keeps her paws out of my kale, we're good. 
Love, Mickey

Dear Mum:
         There's been a change of plans: we're heading for North Carolina to visit Auntie Shell and pick up Harrington (and maybe Hannah). Weasley and Biff keep talking about "carrot shine" and they're hoping Harrington knows where they can get some. Weasley finally let me drive, but he wouldn't let me use his driving goggles, so I'm going to have to see if I can find some. (Any idea what The Boy's credit card limit is?) I will write again when we get there. 
Love, Mickey