Sunday, September 4, 2011


Treats for Mr. Mick--and two new videos of Mr. Mick getting treats, which hopefully is a treat for all of you.

First off, Mickey got a special treat last night, courtesy of our dinner out:

(of course, I always manage to pick a day when his cage is less than spotless to shoot video...)

Where there are treats, there is sometimes also a treatball involved. Here is Mr. Mick playing with his favoritest toy in the world:

What this video fails to show is the trail of treats that somebunny managed to miss. For every one he eats, there's about three or four he leaves behind--sometimes he goes back and gets them, and sometimes he ignores them altogether, which means I'm picking them up and putting them back in the treatball for Round 2. I try to keep the treatball treats to the healthy stuff. This particular mix consisted of two broken-up papaya tablets, a couple of broken-up Oxbow veggie treats, a few dried papaya and pineapple mini-bits and some dried veggie bits. When he's emptied the treatball, he will often pick it up and run around with it in his mouth (which is something I really need to get on video because it's too darn cute) before either dropping it at my feet or flinging it into a corner somewhere.

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable Labor Day weekend--as for me, I'm spending it catching up on chores, how bad is that? :)


The Fab Furs said...

While Mr. Mick is adorable in his videos, as usual, I'm not going to let Bertie and Mercedes see them. First of all, when the "Play With Your Food" book came out (with utensils), I carved myself up more than any vegetable or fruit I was trying to carve--and I just know if they see Mr. Mick with his flower, they will want all of their vegetables and fruits served in that manner, and origami salads to boot. Second, seeing Mr. Mick with his treat ball (and I would love to see a video of him carrying something that looks so relatively large to you to ask for a refill) has inspired me to order 2 for my buns (and I want them to be surprised--if they don't understand the concept, then I can show them his video). Thanks for sharing His Majesty's cuteness with us once again, and hope you can catch a break from laboring some time soon.

Jade said...

FF, I completely sympathize--I was fortunate that His Majesty did not immediately demand to have his food artistically designed in the future.

As to the treatball, I am definitely going to try to get footage of Mick carrying it in his mouth; the first time I saw him do it, I nearly keeled over in shock--he looked for all the world like a puppy carrying a ball, and then to have him drop it at my feet and look up at me like "Well, do something about this!"? Died, I tell you, just died.

SixBunnies said...

Mick is quite the athlete! He knows his way around a treat ball! Smart boy! and cute too! :)

Anonymous said...

I want a treat ball!